Stories of Transformation

Video Interviews with Students of the MCA Certification

Students of the MCA Certification Share Personal Stories of Transformation, the Value of Getting Certified, and How They are Bringing Mindset Coaching to their Community.

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Student Testimonials : Clips


Trisha Kroll: What it's Like to Step Into Her Role as a Mindset Coach


Nikki Dieball: Why Mindset Training is Important

Medora Benson: Her Unexpected Physical Transformation


Amy Oliphant : The Value of Becoming a Mindset Coach

Rachel Judge: How Mindset Work Affects Your Whole Life


Meredith Brick: The Value of the Mindset Coach Certification

Meredith Brick: Becoming a Mindset Coach + Entrepreneur

Student Testimonials : Full Length


Trisha Kroll: How a 'Floundering' Mindset Coach Gained the System to Elevate Her Business 

Nikki Dieball: Balancing 3 Jobs + Transforming Lives with Mental Training


Medora Benson: How Leading by Example Gave Her A New Mindset + Unexpected Personal Transformation.

Amy Holt-Oliphant: From Club Owner to Business Owner + MCA Team Captain


Rachel Judge: Becoming The Mindset Coach her College Swim Team Needs

Meredith Brick: Redefining Her Business + Raising Her Prices 400%


Mark Ehlen: From Retirement to Re-Entering the Game as a Mindset Coach

Learn More About Becoming A Certified Mindset Coach

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