My #1 Tool for Making Massive Impact With My Clients: Becoming a Certified Performance Visualization Specialist

mindset coaching visualization Feb 20, 2019

When I was in my mid 20s, I became really interested in doing mindset work. My ongoing research and conversations with friends and colleagues ultimately led me to meeting Dr. James Hollingsworth, a trained hypnotist, and the first person to ever introduce me to the immense impact of hypnotism and guided visualization. One thing Dr. Hollingsworth taught me is that the best way to learn about and understand hypnotism is by experiencing it firsthand.

I remember the first time I was hypnotized so clearly; it sticks out in my mind. I remember what the room looked like, the overwhelming feelings that surfaced, and the ultimate relief. Truthfully, the first time I was hypnotized, I started crying. I was so present. I remember being blown away by my own mind. I had years of mental training behind me, I was no stranger to the power of the mind, and yet I was still surprised. It was different. I couldn’t believe I was able to have such an extremely powerful experience just by tapping into my subconscious brain through hypnotism. The experience was instant, tangible, and undeniable. I was hooked.

I continued to work with Dr. Hollingsworth, and he helped me tremendously as an athlete and as a person. A few years later, I decided that I wanted to learn to do what he did so that I could impact others the way that he impacted me. So, I went to hypnosis school and became a certified hypnotist. I practiced on friends and family, and eventually brought hypnotism into my trainings; although, in my business I call them “guided visualizations." I basically use hypnosis techniques to take people through visualization. 

The Power of Hypnotism/Guided Visualizations

I started doing guided visualizations with athletes and teams to help them prepare for competition, de-stress after a tournament, etc. This eventually resulted in me creating a library of recorded guided visualizations. By giving my athletes guided visualizations in digital form, (each, labeled for its use case) I was able to provide my clients with a way for them to visualize whenever they needed to. Not only did I not need to be present every time for my athletes to experience the impact of visualization, I could also charge more for the service because I was providing a tangible product that could be used again and again and taken with them for years to come.

Guided visualizations feel more tangible than most other mental training tools because the effects are immediate. When you use guided visualizations with your athletes, two things happen:

  • Your athletes feel empowered: Because the impact is instant and undeniable, it proves to them the power of their own mind.
  • Your athletes feel motivated: Guided visualizations show athletes that mental training really works, so they want to do more.

Bonus Certification: Performance Visualization SpecialistTM

When you become a Positive Performance Certified Mindset CoachTM, you will also graduate the program as a Performance Visualization SpecialistTM

In month 2 of the Mindset Coach CertificationTM, I will distill everything I’ve learned over the last 12 years and qualify you to be a certified Performance Visualization SpecialistTM. Why is this important? Because, when you have this skillset, you can enact big change in the people around you, and in your own life.

Once you’re certified, you’ll be able to use guided visualizations with your athletes and with people in your life that you love and care about. You’ll be able to help your friend get better sleep, you’ll be able to help your sibling heal from a breakup, you’ll be able to help your children manage pressure, and you’ll even be able to turn it back on yourself to foster personal growth and change.

I am so excited to equip you with this skill because I know how powerful this tool is. I’ll give you the script, you’ll practice, you’ll design and record your own visualizations, and you’ll leave with a stamp of credibility and super powerful skill in your toolbox.

If you want to start impacting athletes in a big way by learning how to develop and lead guided visualizations, apply for our Mindset Coach CertificationTM program. We are eager to help you succeed in this program by also qualifying you as a Performance Visualization SpecialistTM upon graduation.

Note: Applications for the Mindset Coach Certification open once a year. To be the first to know when the doors open for the next cohort of our 4-month hands-on certification course, join our waitlist.

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