3 Ways to Use the Mindset Coach Certification (VIDEO)

mindset coaching Feb 22, 2019


Note: Applications for the Mindset Coach Certification are currently closed. To be the first to know when the doors open for the next cohort of our 4-month hands-on certification course, join our waitlist.

With the launch of our Mindset Coach Certification, we've been giving you tons of information to help you decide if this certification is right for you.

1. You Want to Grow as an Athletic Coach.

You may sign up for our certification course primarily because you want to expand your understanding of the mind, and add our certification to your coaching resume. You want to learn more about the mental game and be able to offer extra value to your team. If you want to get certified for your own growth and credibility, this is an excellent way to do that. You'll be able to immediately take new concepts and strategies to your existing team, and will have the ability to expand your reach in the future if you so choose.

2. You Want to Expand Your Business.

Perhaps you're a life coach, fitness coach, or therapist already; you may even already be a mindset coach. Either way, you have an existing business and client base. You may be interested in the certification because you want to add mindset services to your skillset and expand your business by being able to offer a new service to your existing clients.

3. You Want to Start a Business

You already do mindset work with your athletes, and might even dabble in charging people for it, but you haven't taken the leap into doing it as a career or in any big way. You want to start a business and make money from mindset coaching. You want to learn how to package and price and charge for your business, and you want to step into being a mindset coach with paying clients.

In month 4 of our program, we talk about pricing and packaging and do some broad business coaching. This segment is mainly focused on helping you find paying clients within your existing network. While there is some business development, this is not a business-focused training.

That said, this program will help you get paid clients by giving you complete training in mindset work and credibility as a certified coach. After you complete the program, you will be fully trained to evoke massive change in your athletes, and will be able to sell yourself as a trained, certified Positive Performance Mindset Coach. 

Which coach are you?

If you fit into any of these categories, take action today.

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