Volleyball olympic athlete Courtney Thompson: The mental game and leadership

Nov 27, 2014

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In an effort to keep things short and sweet, we wanted to share a couple of audio clips from an interview Positive Performance's Co-Founder Lindsey Wilson conducted with 2012 silver-medalist and Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson.

How To Mentally Prepare.

Being a great athlete has a lot to do with how one prepares their mind, not only going into the game, but long before and long after. Here, Courtney talks about how she prepares herself.


The mental game.

Born in 1984 in Kent, Washington, Courtney understood early on that having a clear mission was important to her success as a volleyball player. Listen as Courtney talks to Lindsey about...

  • How she developed her mental game;
  • Why she feels mental strength is important; and
  • how she continues to harness her mental strength to continually improve.

"What sets Courtney apart is, she battles."

- Hugh McCutcheon, Olympic Gold & Silver winning Head Volleyball Coach

Leadership is looking outward.

Courtney is a natural leader. Something about her just speaks leadership. And, after hearing her talk about her leadership approach, it's no wonder why.

To Courtney, leading isn't about her; it's about her teammates and how she can help them improve. Helping others, she's found, is the best way to improve herself.

Courtney has a presence about her that I've never witnessed in anybody else. She is 100% a leader."

-Christa Harmotto, Olympic medal-winning volleyball player


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