(How To Avoid) My 4 Biggest Failures as an Entrepreneur (For Mental Training Entrepreneurs)

I started working as a mental training coach at 26 years old with literally NO idea what I was doing as a business owner. I had no experience in business, nothing on my resume, just hunger to forge my path in a field I fully believed in (but honestly wasn’t a ‘field’ yet). 

I look back now, and I’m so grateful for my wide-eyed optimism, passion, and drive. I think without it, I may have hesitated, started thinking too much and found myriad reasons to not start working on this grand plan of mine to change the world and bring mental training to the masses. 

However, the downside of not knowing what I was doing, was increased and unnecessary struggle. To some degree, all entrepreneurs have things they look back on and wish they had done differently; that’s just part of the journey. As they say in advertising, ‘50% of the money you are spending is a waste; you just don’t know WHICH half.’ I think that is true for...

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How to use music to compete like a champ #MT30 Day 1

Welcome to Mental Training 30! Every day this month we are teaching one mental training tool. For all the latest, additional live videos and amazing conversation with other coaches,  please join us in our private Facebook group for coaches! Click here to join.

Day 1 #MT30: Below you'll find one of my favorite tips. It's simple, it's fun and it flat out works to help you and your athletes compete at your best. 

As a coach, you want your athletes to be in the right state of mind every time they compete, regardless of who you are competing against. Music can be a powerful cue for your team before a competition.


Because of something called memory association. Memory association is when one of your senses reminds you of an experience. This is because the neurons of a visual memory cluster with neurons of other senses like smell or sound. Memory association is the reason why chocolate chip cookies remind you of home and country music reminds you of summertime or that one...

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