The Action-Taker, The Hobbyist, or The Dabbler: Which One Are You?

Are You Playing Small?

One of my great privileges is getting to work with people that are pushing themselves to new levels. 

From coaches who are trying to bring mental training to athletes, to coaches who are trying to start a side-hustle or grow a full on business, this community as a whole is special in that it's not afraid to push hard and face challenge head-on.

Because I know that coaches have that 'athlete mindset' and do not need to be coddled, I hold the coaches I work with to very high standards. 

And the hardest thing I have to witness is coaches self-sabotage right in front of me. Over the years, I've learned that I can shine a light on it and coach them through it, but I cannot force them to believe in a future they won’t let themselves see.

I’m pretty good at calling coaches out, challenging them to get out of their own way, encouraging them to bet on themselves, because I know that most people really need...

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What Are You Waiting For? The 3 REAL Reasons You Don't Invest In Yourself

If you're like many of the coaches I've talked to, this is not the first time you've thought about becoming a Mental Coach. But investing in yourself and taking the leap into entrepreneurship can feel like a huge risk, and the opportunity never seems to arise at the 'perfect time'. If you are on the fence, my hope is that what I'm about to share with you will help you sift through your thoughts and give you a clearer understanding of what might be holding you back.

Now, how could I have any idea what you're feeling? Well, because the other day I plunked down $4k for a 2-month mastermind group coaching. So...

I've been in your shoes this week- I've hesitated to invest in myself; I know what that feels like.

I’ve been wanting a new coach for awhile; one that is more in line with where my business is currently. I had my eye on this woman for a while, I saw her ads on facebook and watched her videos regularly, but nothing more (sound familiar?). Then...

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