Founder, Lindsey Wilson's, Summertime Reading List

With long, sunny days upon us in the northwest, many of us are finding lazy ways to pass the time. What better way to spend a summer's day than to dive into some great reads that will give you a lasting glow from the inside out. In response to popular demand, I compiled a list of some of my favorites.

About the books:

These books are of the inspiring, motivational, educational (or all three) variety; and contain fascinating topics to help you work on a little self- improvement and learn some cool new things this summer!

Some of these books are presented as though they are focused on women, but that’s just for marketing purposes (i.e. women tend to buy more self-help books). These books are for anyone that wants to improve.


Lindsey’s rainy day reading list

Positivity: The 3-1 Ratio that will change your life, by Barbara Fredrickson PhD. One of the mothers of Positive Psychology, Dr. Fredrickson talks about the research behin d positive self-talk and gives...

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WHOOPS! My bad: How negative self-talk can transfer into your post-graduation life

“You’ve graduated! Now what?”

Whether you’ve just recently graduated or you’re anticipating hearing those words in the near future, just know: It’s a good thing you’re an athlete.

College is tough, no doubt, but life after college is its own unique challenge. You’ve spent years making it a habit of getting to classes, taking exams, studying, going to practices scheduled by others, being directed by others (namely, professors and coaches) who would tell you what you need to do, when to do it and, sometimes, even how to do it.

That time has ended. YOU’RE in charge now.

Are you scared?

You shouldn’t be, because...

You’re better prepared to battle negative self-talk than others

Look, we’ve already talked about how self-talk can impact your game, so now’s the time to think beyond sports and into your career life, post-graduation.

You’re an athlete. For years you’ve been learning skills that have...

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What I learned from completely changing my jumpshot (and how it can help you)

Why fix what isn't broken?

Old habits aren’t necessarily bad habits...but they can turn into them down the road.

I remember having to completely change my jump shot in high school. I had started working with a new coach who told me point blank, "Your set shot might work now in high school, but it’s going to get thrown out of the gym in college."

It was time to get worse before I could get better.

And so began the slow process of completely changing and unlearning a skill I’d practiced for over 10 years and relearning it all over again. One might look back and minimize it; after all, learning something new at 16 years old doesn’t sound like that big of a deal.

But I remember the experience pretty clearly: the resistance, the emotional pain, and the pretty much constant frustration. After all, the idea of working really hard and getting worse at something is a tough pill to swallow, even for a 16 year-old.

It was made even more difficult because I was...

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Breaking Bad (habits): 28-Day countdown for a better next season

The hit television series “Breaking Bad” is about a chemistry teacher who teams up with a former student to make and sell crystal meth. While the show is top-rated, I’m not so hot on the addictive substances and the violence that is connected with the bad habit of drug use.

Habit: is it just another word for addiction?

My thesaurus says ‘yes’ and, even though habits and additions obviously aren’t the same thing, they’re closely related.

This article explains how similarly our brain responds to habits and addictions; how a neurological connection is formed when a voluntary action is performed enough times to move it into the reflex category, therefore making that activity somewhat hardwired into our minds.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of drug use nor give habituation more attention than it deserves, but bad habits can still be very problematic in very real ways.

Even though the show’s title...

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