The Mindset of Selling

What if you could create a business that helps people and makes money?

That gives value to others while getting paid what you’re worth; and to do all of it in a way that feels honest and empowering? Do you even believe it’s possible?

It is.

And I know that because I did it (I do it) every day.

Now, before you can say, “Well, Lindsey’s an extrovert” or “She must just really like selling” or “She has a business that sells itself”, let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

  • In elementary school, I came in dead LAST selling girl scout cookies.
  • I HATED fundraisers. Selling wreaths? Bleh. Walk-a-thon? Count me OUT.
  • To collect my paper route money, I came up with a clever plan to save me from having to interact with my customers (I left a hand written invoice).

Trust me, this whole selling thing does not come naturally to me, and I’ve ‘failed’ more times than I can count. For years, I cold called college...

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From $0 to Money, Money, Money: How to Get Your 1st Paying Client as a Mental Training Coach


Does talking about money and sales make you feel uneasy?

I get it, it did for me too. It still does in some cases, to be perfectly honest.

I realized that this unease feels like a moral high road (i.e. the proclamation that money isn’t the most important thing). Really, not talking about money is just self-sabotage.

Let me explain. In my previous post, (How to Avoid) My 4 Biggest Failures as a Mental Training Entrepreneur, I talked a little about how shaping my money mindset drove my success as an entrepreneur. Today, I'm going to really dive into how you can shape your money mindset to win your first paying client.

In my experience, the easiest way to self-sabotage your business is through money, sales, and clients. 

Get Perspective

One of the hardest parts of having your own business is not being able to have objective perspective. You can look at your business all day and all night and not really see what you need to see. Things can be RIGHT in...

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