The Thoughts That Keep us Small Pt.1: The Martyr

Season #11 Episode #210

We are better than anyone else at fooling ourselves, and our brain finds clever ways to do it every single day. If we're not looking carefully, we may never see these lies (or "haters") for what they really are. Today, we're embarking on a 6-part mini series about the lies we tell ourselves that keep us small. First up is Hater #1: The Martyr, the lie that tells you you're selfish to want more. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 210. ------------------------------ Have you enjoyed the first installment of our mini-series on the 6 Haters? You can take these lessons to your team or go deeper with them yourself using our free, downloadable worksheet! Get your copy here: And if you want to read more about the 6 Haters, check out our full blog :