#3: BRAVR Breakdown

Season #1

Nervous? Tired? Scattered? Unmotivated? Your state of mind going into a game, meeting, first date, or Monday morning doesn't have to be a toss-up, you can control it. In Episode 3, Lindsey teaches The BRAVR, her wildly popular focusing exercise that incorporates breathing, mindfulness, self-talk, and positive psychology in a simple, 5 minute daily exercise. This is considered an *ESSENTIAL EPISODE** because the BRAVR is a cornerstone mental exercise in Lindsey's coaching methodologies, and something that appears in every episode of this podcast. Start your day and change your mind(set) with The Inner Game, Episode 3. Ps. If you are a coach who wants to bring mental training to your athletes by introducing them to The BRAVR Method, you can get your copy of our full ebook + coaches script here: