#352: Feeling and Goals

Season #19

High-Performers often think that if they just apply enough self-discipline to a goal, they'll achieve it. And sometimes that works. But is that the best option? Absolutely not. In today's Mental Monday, Lindsey shares a lesson she learned when she was training to become a hypnotist. The technique she shares today will enable you to achieve anything you want in 2022 more effortlessly, simply by using the power of your mind. We hope you enjoy our first installment of our new podcast, The Mindset Coach Academy. A podcast where we teach you to work on your own mindset first.

You might have noticed The Inner Game has a new name! Your #1 podcast for all things mindset is now called The Mindset Coach Academy! And while we have a new name and a new format, we have the same mission: To bring you mindset coaching in an easily accessible format, and to enable you to be your best as athletes, coaches, and high performers; in sports and in life. So with that, we hope you enjoy our first Mental Monday! Check back every Monday for a new episode, and in addition, enjoy our bi-monthly extended episodes, featuring more in-depth mindset coaching and guest hosts!


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