Why Look at Your Why?

Season #19

(TW: Cursing)

Who in their right mind jumps into a freezing cold lake in the middle of March? 

*She asks, soaked in lake water and shivering through her teeth* 

The short answer? Because it’s brave. And because doing brave things reminds us that we are strong. 

This week in The Mindset Coach Academy, we all made a commitment to do something that scares the s*** out of us. Some coaches chose to sing karaoke, join a dating app, sign up for an improv class, or have a difficult conversation with a loved one. I chose to run into a 43° lake. 

As humans, we are wired to run from fear. It’s our survival instinct at it’s finest! But there is real, physical danger, like fighting off a bear or doing something stupid on a skateboard, and there is perceived danger, like asking someone on a date, having stage fright, or cold water. And your brain doesn’t really know how to distinguish one from the other. 

That’s why exercises in bravery are so important. When we do brave things, we practice overriding our natural fear instincts. And all of this creates a dramatic ripple effect throughout our entire lives. 

Today’s extended episode will give you real-life, actionable tips to help you run towards fear. 

Listen to the full episode for:

  • The best time to do something scary
  • Tips to help you choose your brave activity (+ the ultimate reward)
  • What happens in your brain when you do something scary
  • 5 actionable steps to help you run towards fear