#393: Guest Interview: Collin Henderson

Season #21

Today on the podcast, I am joined by founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, sales psychology expert, and former two-sport, D1 athlete, Collin Henderson! 

As a 7 time author, podcast host, Fortune 500 speaker, online course creator, and regular contributor to Russell Wilson’s Limitless Minds, Collin’s innovative ideas bridge the gap between athletes and high performers in business. Collin brings his athlete mindset to everything he does, and provides insight that is truly global and applicable to everyone.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a husband and father to 5 great kiddos? This man truly does it all. 

Collin’s is truly a story of transformation. From wrestling with crippling anxiety to finding high level success in sports, sales, and in life, Collin is a living example of everything he teaches. His willingness to teach, unique and grounded perspective on mindset work, lightheartedness, and refreshing vulnerability made my episode with Collin truly memorable and 100% worth a listen. 


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Here’s a glance at this episode:

[3:25] Collin begins with his ‘why’. He shares about a memorable moment in his early sports career and how a sales mentor helped put him on his path to becoming the confident and successful person he is today. 

[11:17] What does the roadmap look like for starting a business? Collin shares an overview of his GPS business-building model and why he believes in giving your “best stuff” away.

[14:42] Collin gets vulnerable about his lifelong relationship with anxiety. From practicing public speaking through Toastmasters to doing free mental training consultations at Starbucks, Collin built his business with a growth mindset, dedication to his craft, and champion-level bravery. 

[17:54] “Sales psychology beats sales strategy” Collin explains how his background in sales launched every other part of his career. Then, he launches into his ideology around making a sale. His first piece of sales advice? Be a human. 

[27:12] Lindsey and Collin chat about the importance of finding the right clients and why, as Collin puts it, “The person with nothing to prove is the most dangerous person in the room”. 

[32:37] How do you become more comfortable being on camera and being in front of people? Collin makes the case that “different is better than better… and boring will put you out of business”. 

[41:12] Your self-image comfort zone directly reflects how much you charge. From bringing engaging activities to assigning pre-session homework, Collin explains how you can make yourself stand out, add immense value to your services, and create recurring customers with just a little extra effort.

[43:57] Lindsey shoots off a few rapid-fire questions to get to know Collin. With each question, Lindsey peels back the curtain back on Collin’s personal routines, what he’s reading, what he consumes from a content perspective, and what brings him joy. 

[47:49] What’s your story? The brain learns through stories. Whether you’re a teacher or a coach, you will increase your impact tenfold by simply reframing your lessons as stories and metaphors.

[50:16] Lindsey and Collin wrap up their episode by talking about Collin’s latest (and favorite) book he’s written, “Quiet Mind”. And finally, Collin offers a quick explanation of his cornerstone exercise for kids and adults, The BEST Method.



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