Are You Asking for Permission

Season #21

Are you asking for permission?

…to start your business, to call yourself an expert, to be paid for your skills, to take that vacation, to allow things to be easy, to step into the life that you really want?

Asking for permission is one of the easiest ways to get in your own way and postpone your success. Why? Because, chances are, you’re not immediately surrounded by people who will give you permission.

They may not…

  • See or understand your vision
  • Believe what you want is possible
  • Have an affinity for action
  • Have big dreams of their own
  • Know how to hold space for you
  • Even know you need support

And when you leave it up to outside forces, you may never get the permission you’re looking for. In today’s episode, i talk about the importance of giving YOURSELF permission.

I dig into:

  • Where the habit of asking for permission comes from (think: kindergarten)
  • Why we often surround ourselves with the wrong people (and why it’s human nature)
  • How our inner beliefs can make things harder and hold us back.
  • Why change is so hard, and what you can do about it.

Listen to this extended episode to give yourself permission, once and for all!


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