#399: Extended Episode Interview With Jenn Starkey

Season #21

Today I am thrilled to be interviewing my dear friend (and overall badass human being), Jenn Starkey!

Jenn is an author, a mindset coach, and a softball coach. She’s best known for putting on events for adolescent softball players that “challenge what most people believe is possible” 

I absolutely love this interview with Jenn because she is not afraid to put it all out there, and I mean put it ALL out there. Jenn has been through so much in her personal and professional life, and she has learned to harness the messy parts of herself in a way that makes her, her athletes, and everyone around her BETTER. Jenn is earnest, optimistic, and truly one of the toughest people I know. 

In this interview, Jenn talks openly about how she spent a year of her life training in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu as a way of processing pain and trauma from her past and starting a new chapter. She shares that she’s in the process of reinventing herself, and approaches this conversation with the kind of openness that takes an interview from good to great. Forged through the fire, Jenn has grown into a strong, vulnerable, person, amazing step mom, and kickass coach that is more than worthy of the spotlight. 


Don’t we all love a good comeback story? 

This is one of my very favorite episodes to date, and a reminder to all of us to invest in OURSELVES first.

Press play and enjoy this captivating chat with the one and only Jenn Starkey. 


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Instagram: @mvpjenn

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[4:14] Jenn talks vulnerably about her total life overhaul that began at an Olympic training speaking event. She speaks about the dissolving of her first marriage, getting married again, becoming a step-mom, and changing a business partnership. 

[8:49] Jenn highlights her ‘aha moment’ when she left her old life behind and boarded a plane to start her Brazillian Ju Jitsu journey.  Determined to hit the ground running, she made a plan to enter her first competition in 30 days. 

[12:24] From coaching athletes to coaching adults, Jenn takes Lindsey through her own mindset journey and her decision to invest in herself when she didn’t have the money.

[18:11] Sometimes big growth can only happen when you slow down. Jenn explains how this was true for her.

[20:59] How does coming up from rock-bottom help you become more comfortable being uncomfortable? Jenn shares her perspective on learning patience, trusting the universe, and carving out quiet time. 

[24:46] Jenn shares her ‘free play’ technique for keeping her mind clear and her creativity, and imagination elastic. She also explains how she creates rituals around the things that matter to her. 

[28:34] What can a scheduling expert teach us about time management? Jenn teaches about the importance of framing your to-dos as ‘experiences’ instead of ‘tasks’. She drives her point home with her personal philosophy: “Plan tomorrow, today, every day.“ Step by step, she takes us through her daily huddle. 

[34:05] Jenn talks about her upcoming book and her vision for building a TV show!

[42:34] “Be like a tree”! Jenn chats about rocks, water, and why her favorite metaphor for toughness is a tree.

[44:53] Lindsey shoots off a few rapid-fire questions to get to know Jenn. With each question, Lindsey peels back the curtain back on Jenn’s personal routines, what she’s reading, what she consumes from a content perspective, and what brings her joy.


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