Two Steps to Failing Better

Season #22

Run towards failure!

If you want to be successful, you have to become familiar with failure. It’s part of the deal.

No successful business owner has gotten to where they are without a bad launch, no professional athlete has gotten into the big leagues without a bad game, no actor has landed an award-winning role without being told NO a hundred times before. I’m certainly no exception, and neither are you.

Failure is a precursor, inevitability, a rite of passage to success.

In this special, extended episode of The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I dig deep into the psychology of failure and the big questions surrounding it.

For example:

  • Why do we avoid failure? Hint: It has to do with our caveman/lizard brain
  • How do the stories we tell ourselves about past or future failures define us?
  • How can our fear and avoidance of failure act as a mirror?
  • What becoming familiar with failure do to our brain?
  • Psychologically speaking, what’s the best way to “run toward failure”?

From failing in the WNBA to failing in business, I talk openly about the times I let myself down. I share the stories I used to tell myself about failure, and how they’ve changed over the years. Finally, I give you tons of actionable tips to help you reframe the way you think about failure.

Listen to this extended episode and join me as I run towards failure!

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