How to Praise the Process

Season #22

Praising progress over the result takes intention. Because, when you’re a high performer, you love bringing home that W. So for many of us, letting go of the result takes a lot of practice. 

Like, a LOT of practice.

I was at my kid’s soccer game the other day, and she scored two goals. Now, the competitor in me, wanted to cheer, swing her around, and make a huge deal out of it, but I also knew that if I wanted my daughter to praise progress over result I had to be careful about how I celebrated her in that moment.

My daughter knows that I’m proud of her; not because of her two goals, but because she played hard. Because of her EFFORT, not the OUTCOME.

I want my daughter to ask herself, win or lose, “Do I know - in my GUT - that I did my very VERY best?”

In this special extended episode of The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I explore:

  • What does praising progress really look like?
  • What’s the ripple effect of praising progress over outcome?
  • How can we instill this idea in the people we coach, our kids, and ourselves?
  • Is it important to care about results? How can you strike a balance?

Listen to this extended episode and join me as I praise progress over outcome!

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