3 Steps To Turning Regret into Power

Season #22

Trigger Warning: Sexual Content

Today’s episode takes on a different format. It’s messy, it’s real, it’s raw.

In “3 Steps to Turning Regret Into Power”, I asked an old friend, Courtney Thompson (Olympian and mindset advocate), to help me process a personal trauma involving a relationship between myself and my 40 year old coach when I was in high school.

I knew I needed to record this episode with Courtney because, in all honesty, I really, REALLY didn’t want to. But I’ve learned in recent years that telling my story is really liberating. For years, I didn’t talk about it. And by hiding it, I gave it so much power.

Using the steps outlined in the book, The Power of Regret, Courtney did an amazing job of holding space for me. She affirms my process, graciously navigates the grey areas with me, and asks me questions that help me move through my story in a new way and identify new themes.

I feel so grateful that Courtney was willing to coach me through this. My hope in sharing this is that it helps you navigate through a difficult experience or regret that you’re feeling “stuck” on. This is an exercise that I do with my coaches in MCA Insider Mastermind, and every time I do, it creates room for self-forgiveness, healing, and growth.

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Instagram: @cthomp_3

“The Power of Regret” by Daniel H. Pink:  

BONUS Journaling exercise based on “The Power of Regret”
Start by choosing a situation from your past that you regret. Then, journal the 3 step process below.

STEP 1: Self-Disclosure: Relive and Relieve - Talking about your regret takes power away from it. Tell someone you’ve never told before and that you trust.

Journal: Who will you talk to and when?

STEP 2. Self-Compassion: Normalize and Neutralize - Talk to yourself as though you were your best friend.


  • How can you forgive yourself for what happened in the past?
  • What might be another way to think about it?
  • Has anything positive come from this situation?

STEP 3: Self-Distancing: Analyze and Strategize - Once you’ve talked about the experience with someone else and cultivated self-compassion, you’re ready to create a plan of action.


  • How can you grow from this experience?
  • How might this help you help someone else?
  • How might this experience actually benefit you?
  • Is there any part of this experience you’re grateful for?



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