#437: Guest Interview: How to Successfully Transition From College Coaching to Entrepreneurship with Betsy Butterick

Season #23

My guest today is my friend and PPT community favorite, Betsy Butterick! Betsy is a coach and communication specialist with a history of coaching D1-D3 college basketball, and the WNBA. Today, Betsy is opening up about her choice to leave it all behind for the never ending adventure of being her own boss. Betsy works with individuals and teams that are ready to improve. Her work spans the locker room to the boardroom, and is applicable to every area of life.

Anytime I get the pleasure of sitting down with The Coaches Coach herself, I leave with renewed motivation and nuggets of wisdom that I take into my own coaching.

One thing I admire about Betsy is how she’ll do anything to push toward that next level. In this episode, she talks about using her part-time job at an airport to get her business off the ground, and how sitting at a children’s hospital helped her practice being uncomfortable. Beyond being one of the best-spoken people I’ve ever met, Betsy is honest, vulnerable, and relatable. Her successful business didn’t happen overnight, and she’s not afraid to peel back the curtain.

This episode is full of practical wisdom and is super encouraging, especially for all my aspiring mindset coaches out there. In her words, “I’m a normal and average person [...] If I can do it, you can do it!”

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Here’s a glance at this episode:

[0:58] Betsy introduces herself. She was a college golfer, then coached college-level basketball, eventually making her way to coaching in the WNBA. She identifies the exact moment she realized coaching existed outside of sports, which soon brought her to her current career coaching coaches as a communication specialist. 

[5:27] It was not an easy decision to make the jump from leaving a great coaching job to building a business from the ground up.

[9:58] Shared experience and relatability goes so far in coaching, and it’s a great way to counter Imposter Syndrome. Betsy shares a tip for aspiring mindset coaches that helped her get her foot in the door. She also introduces her ACT video series.

[15:20] Right out of the gate, Betsy wanted to work with the people that she understood the best: Coaches. In her opinion, offering value before you’re asked is one of the most valuable things you can do to be successful in the field.

[19:25] “Don’t measure your success by what you don’t know. Put out into the universe what you know is good and of value, and do that consistently.” Lindsey and Betsy discuss the unique challenges with marketing via social media and the importance of staying grounded in what you know and who you’re targeting.

[24:33] It can be hard to be your own boss and remain confident; Betsy digs into her own relationship with confidence and trusting the process. She opens up about how being a mom has changed her life.

[30:27] Lindsey asks the question “How did you suspend the how?” Betsy’s answer includes 2 stories that illustrate how she learned to “sit with suffering”.

[36:04] After she left coaching, Betsy landed her very first client that she describes as, “The best first client I could have hoped for… because she was so skeptical”. Betsy takes Lindsey through how she landed her first client and took advantage of the right opportunities.

[40:37] The HUSTLE is all about getting creative. Betsy talks about how she worked on her skills, made the ask (even when it was intimidating) and even worked part-time at an airport in exchange for flying standby anywhere in the country.

[44:13] Betsy jokes about her “beer meeting” and how she’s worked on her money mindset. In her words, “People can’t accept what you don’t offer”.

[47:33]  “We can criticize ourselves for the things we didn’t do, or congratulate ourselves for the risks that we take”. Betsy explains the very real reward of starting a business, pushing through the fear, and seeing it through.

[52:18] Wrapping up the episode, Lindsey asks Betsy how people can learn more about her and the good work she does.



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