#447: The Power of Simple Goals - Solo

Season #24

High achievers LOVE goals.

But often, the goal we focus on is big. We want to quit our job and start a company, get in shape, go back to school to finish our degree… etc. But hyperfocusing on a big goal (that may take many many years to achieve) can get a little stale, even discouraging. Even the most disciplined of us can’t function long-term on willpower alone.

Have you ever tried to run up a big hill from a dead stop at the bottom? Yeah, it’s like that.

This month in The Mindset Coaching Collective, I gave my students an assignment. And today, I’m giving the same one to you. It’s super simple, something you can start today, and unbelievably powerful. Why? Because this assignment will give you something that every one of us can benefit from…


It will remind you that you are type of person who does what they say they’re going to do. That you’re someone who is brave enough to make commitments and keep your commitments, and that you are powerful, disciplined, and more than capable of achieving your biggest goals.

If you love actionable episodes with clear takeaways and easy wins this one’s for you!


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