#450: Guest Interview: How to Move from Unofficial Mindset Coach to Official Mindset Coach with Nate Daniels

Season #24

Please welcome my guest today, Nate Daniels!

As a former Professional Football Player, Collegiate All-American, Ferrum College Hall of Fame Inductee, and Fairfax High School Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Nate knows what it takes to be successful at the highest level of sports. He has over 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring athletes and is passionate about helping the next generation of “athletes, parents, and coaches navigate their sports journey off the field/court so they can dominate on it.”

Today, Nate is the proud owner of a physical training center, Daniel’s Sport Performance, and a mental training center, Next Level Athletes. In this episode, Nate talks all about why and HOW he made his Mental Training business OFFICIAL.

What I love about this interview with Nate is that this man lives and breathes what he teaches. His is an agent for change within the sports world and passionate about his mission to help others with mental training. He shares real life details about how he started, how he packages his services, what he charges, and so many other boots-on-the-ground details that are invaluable to up-and-comers. Most of all he’s proof that you can help people AND make money.

If you are an aspiring mindset coach, this interview will help you peek behind the curtain and see what it really looks like to run a thriving business in this space.

A huge thank you to Nate for being vulnerable and sharing his story. I have no doubt it will inspire so many other mindset coaches to follow their passion.

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Here’s a glance at this episode:

[0:52] Nate introduces himself with a brief overview of his physical training center, Daniel’s Sport Performance, and his mental training center, Next Level Athletes. He shares why he believes “the higher you go, the more the mental game affects your performance”.

[4:50] How does making a mental training session more “offical” change the way athletes show up? What role do parents play? What does this mean for aspiring mindset coaches?

[8:22] Nate explains why Next Level Athletes stands alone for now, how he packages his programs, and promotes online. He shares details about his process, from lead to client, his pricing, customizations, and how he prepares his athletes for success from their first consultation.

[13:16] Mental training gains are not as tangible as physical training gains. Nate explains how he measures growth as a Mindset Coach.

[18:55] Nate shares his origin story, from doing free motivational speaking to becoming a paid professional. He shares why he believes it comes down to confidence, and how his confidence has grown from “time in the saddle’.

[26:00] It can be scary to start charging for your services. Nate and Lindsey chat about why compensation is absolutely necessary.

[28:26] Wrapping up the episode, Lindsey asks Nate five rapid fire questions. Nate shares his passion for athlete stories, the theme of his third children’s book, and his commitment to faith, family, and paying it forward through coaching.



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