#456: Guest Interview: 7 Steps to Getting Out Of Your Own Way with Byron Morrison

Season #24

On this very special episode of The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I got to sit down with 3 time best selling author, speaker, and Mindset and High-Performance Coach, Byron Morrison.

Just a few months before its much-anticipated release, Byron is promoting his upcoming book, “Maybe You Should Give Up”. This book is a counterintuitive guide that helps readers identify and break through seven mental barriers that are stopping them from living the life they want.

In this interview, Byron takes us through each one of the seven mental barriers. One thing I love about this interview is that Byron takes the time to give so many real-world examples that perfectly illustrate each point and make this interview SO engaging and actionable.

From counteracting worst-case-scenario thoughts, to helping you rise above reactivity, Byron offers cycle-breaking techniques to empower you to get out of your own way.

It’s clear that Byron is a living, breathing example of what he teaches. I can say with certainty that if the book is anything like this interview, it’s a gold mine.

As you listen to today’s episode, I challenge you to consider all seven mental barriers, then start working on the two or three that trigger you the most.

Listen to my episode with Byron Morrison, listen to it again, maybe even three times (it’s that good)  and order your advance copy of his book, “Maybe You Should Give Up”, available everywhere on June 27th, 2023!

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Here’s a glance at this episode:

[0.:32] Byron introduces himself with a brief overview of his experience and an overview of his latest book, “Maybe You Should Give Up”.

[2:53] Byron explains why living your life in a state of reaction is a damaging habit. He offers a few tips to help you rise above reactivity and tells a personal example involving a noisy group of kids on a train.

[6:52] Every new level of success will require you to overcome mental roadblocks. Lindsey and Byron discuss what happens in your brain when you challenge self-limiting thoughts.

[10:01] Byron teaches an actionable mental exercise when you notice “worst-case-scenario thoughts”  and shares a real world example of this coaching in action.

[13:17] It’s uncomfortable to invest in yourself, or train hard, or try hard enough that you could epically fail. Byron explains why he believes your goal has to be bigger than consequence of doing it.

[18:23] Are you worrying too much about problems that haven’t happened yet? Byron’s 4th mental roadblock in his book dives into the importance of bringing your focus into the present moment. 

[20:15] Social Media is a highlight reel, it never shows the whole picture. Lindsey and Byron urge you to break the cycle of comparison with a targeted mindset shift.

[25:25] The 6th mental roadblock in Byron’s book relates to self-worth and self-compassion. Speaking directly to high achievers, he explains why the solution isn’t always ‘trying harder’.

[31:55] Are you putting off your happiness? Byron talks about why his 7th mental roadblock is the goal of everything else in his book.

[33:25] “Maybe You Should Give Up” explores 7 ways we self-sabotage and how to get out of our own way. Lindsey gives a quick review of each of the 7 mental roadblocks.

[34:26] Wrapping up the episode, Lindsey asks Byron five rapid fire questions. Byron shares his goal of speaking globally on the heels of his book launch and talks a bit about his family.



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