#453: Coach Yourself to Clarity

Season #24

Ever heard of a little thing called the confirmation bias?

The confirmation bias is a fancy way of saying that your brain is always looking for evidence that you are right.

In his famous quote, Henry Ford said it well, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,”

As mindset coaches, we see this all the time: From the athlete that believes their coach ‘has it out’ for them to the colleague who deep down doesn’t really think their business is going to be successful. We’ve all seen the confirmation bias limit and sabotage. But did you know that the confirmation bias can just as easily create opportunity and help you succeed?

All it takes is some targeted mindset work.

In this extended episode of The Mindset Coach Academy podcast, Lindsey is coaching you through feelings of overwhelm, confusion, inadequacy by training your confirmation bias to work FOR you instead of against you. With a few simple mindset tweaks, Lindsey will help you change your thoughts to experience a positive ripple effect. As she

reminds you in the episode, “productive thoughts lead to better emotions, actions, and results.”

Do not let yourself become a victim of your circumstances, press play, follow along, and experience an immediate shift.


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