#469: Guest Interview: Manifesting, Motherhood, and Making it happen with Certified Mindset Coach Bianca Campbell

Season #24

Bianca Campbell is an example of what is POSSIBLE!

Working with aspiring mindset coaches over many years, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and cheering on some of the most inspirational people in this industry. And even in a room of high achievers and entrepreneurial badasses, Bianca Campbell stands.

As a former collegiate and professional basketball player, Bianca founded RISE Mindful Performance to help athletes use mindfulness and mental skills training to embrace and navigate the demands of their sport. Her goal is to help athletes improve their well-being, have more fun, and perform at their highest level - in sports and in life.

When Bianca first joined The Mindset Coach Academy, she applied the same unquenchable passion and take-no-prisoners attitude that made her successful in sports into moving through fear and doubt to build her business from the ground up.

In this episode, Bianca shares how she came to Mindset Coaching through countless hours of studying, researching, and manifesting. How (and why) she pushed herself to join The MCA as a brand new mom, and where she found the money to make it

happen. She opens up about the various emotional ups and downs, and her very relatable self-sabotaging thoughts such as, “I can’t live my dream AND be a good wife and mother”.

As she told her MCA class, “I just know that I am not meant to be mediocre”. It’s this relentless seeking of excellence that palpably inspires those around her. Bianca has a unique way of making you believe that anything is possible, and reminding you that you have a responsibility to live the highest representation of yourself.

Join me in celebrating Bianca’s journey!

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Here’s a glance at the episode:

[1:13] From a life in basketball to founding her company, Rise Mindful Performance, Bianca begins with a quick, passionate overview of her journey as a leader. Her goal is to build a 6 figure business and do mindset coaching full time. 

[5:38] Bianca talks about her desire to “live the highest expression of who I am before I die.” And how she pushed herself to join the MCA in spite of (maybe because of) becoming a new mom.

[8:54] Bianca shares how she found Positive Performance Training and The Mindset Coach Academy in her search for something more (shout out to Amy Oliphant and Breanne Smedley!) using manifestation exercises, cold calls, and boots-on-the-ground effort.

[12:19] Money is only an obstacle if you let it be! Bianca shares how she found the money for The MCA Certification. Lindsey comments that Bianca’s take-no-prisoners attitude is a learned skill.

[17:03] Lindsey and Bianca talk about how being mothers impacts the way they show up for themselves. The bottom line: You’ve got to work on learning to trust yourself AND have compassion for yourself.

[22:15] In Lindsey’s words, if you are pushing yourself, you will have self-doubt. Bianca shares a personal story about her feelings of overwhelm with juggling her family, kid, full time job, and trying to build her business, and how she moved through it.

[27:41] “I believed that I couldn’t live my dream AND be a good wife and mother”. Bianca shares how she navigated self-sabotaging thoughts with some help from the PPT Insider’s Group.

[32:58] Bianca reflects on the time she almost quit LIndsey’s program and how she gained clarity and confidence when she needed it the most.

[39:24] For a mindset coach, creating that first offer or program is a huge step.

[43:29] Lindsey asks Bianca, “What’s next for you?” In Bianca’s words, “The effort is becoming more effortless [...] I’m enjoying the hard [...] and I’m really proud of myself”.



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