The 6 Step Framework That Will Change How You Coach

Season #24

The other day, I was talking to MCA graduate and fighter pilot, Tammy Barlette, who told me that so much of what I teach are mental skills that she’s been practicing her whole life. She just didn’t know she was doing them, and certainly didn’t know how to teach them.

If you’re a coach, I bet you can relate.

Chances are you have lots of mental skills and habits you naturally fall back on to:

  • Prepare for competition
  • Recover from a mistake
  • Move on from a tough game
  • Settle your nerves and focus when it matters most.

If you’ve competed throughout your life, you probably picked up many of these skills along the way. But just because you might know how to do it, doesn’t mean you know how to teach it.

Today I am sharing a 6-step mental training framework that is, frankly, game-changing. I dare to say, life-changing.

Each step is easy to understand, easy to explain, and a quick win that builds the mental skills foundations that your athletes need to be successful in sports and in life. The beauty in this framework is that each step is so simple and easy to implement and can be infinitely built upon as your athletes progress.

90-95% of athletes and coaches need to hear this message. It’s proven and it works.

Instead of wasting precious time going down the rabbit hole and throwing spaghetti against the wall trying to see what sticks, press play and tell me which of these 6 steps you need to work on the most.

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