Ken & Amy: Why You Need Community To Build Your Business

Season #24

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Amy Oliphant and Ken Bizup. Both of my guests today are PPT Certified Mindset Coaches and current Team Captains for The MCA.⁠

Amy is the founder of Transcend Mental Training in Chicago. She works with athletes, hockey players, swimmers, and, as she puts it, “any athlete that crosses my path”. She is also starting to do presentations for corporations and small groups. Amy was the first coach we recruited to be a Team Captain, and we are so thankful to have her. We’ve interviewed Amy before, so you might recognize her! 

Ken Bizop has been working as a mental performance coach for over 10 years, and joined The MCA Certification just 1 year ago.  As Ken explains it, “I needed a recipe for success and MCA was clearly the next course of action.” Today, he continues to run his company, Athletes Mental Trainer, where his goal is to “unlock true athletic potential” by training the mind. 

As MCA Team Captains, Ken and Amy are responsible for mentoring small groups of MCA students as they progress through the program. They hold bonus weekly coaching calls where they connect with their team to offer additional help, answer questions, and build relationships with coaches who are going through our program. 

These breakout groups have been proven to be one of the most valuable parts of our MCA Certification. They’ve led to lifelong friendships, business opportunities, and invaluable emotional support. Students from the breakout groups have gone on to coach one another’s kids, hire one another, brainstorm marketing tactics, share advice on offerings and proposals, and, most importantly, learn from one another in a safe and welcoming space. 

As entrepreneurs, this level of community is so hard to find and part of what makes The MCA the best mindset coaching program in the world. 

Enjoy this episode with two of my favorite people, our incredible coaches, and kickass MCA Team Captains, Amy and Ken!


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Here’s a glance at the episode:


[1:42] Amy Oliphant and Ken Bizup introduce themselves with a brief overview of how they got involved in the MCA and how it’s changed their life. 


[4:00] Lindsey believes The MCA is the best Mindset Coaching program in the world. Ken shares how the MCA community gave him a safe space to practice as he grew as a coach. They discuss how the community plays a massive role in the success of MCA graduates.


[7:19] As an early adopter, Amy didn’t have the advantage of breakout groups when she went through The MCA as a student. She talks about the safety and camaraderie she sees in breakout groups today as an MCA Team Captain.  


[8:52] Lindsey asks the question, “In what ways are small groups better than 1:1 coaching?” 


[12:10] “I don’t do baindaids” Ken shares how he uses role playing and collaboration within the group to help his team coach eachother. Lindsey, Amy, and Ken discuss their individual coaching styles. 


[15:45] Lindsey tells Amy what she thinks her coaching superpower is as a triathlete, parent, and coach. Ken explains his empathetic and cutthroat coaching style and how important it is for students to be exposed to different examples of coaching styles.


[20:17] Lindsey tells Ken what she thinks his coaching super power is - from dropping truth bombs to being empathetic and creating space for individual experiences. 


[24:03] “It’s so rewarding to watch people find themselves.” Ken talks about what he loves about the breakout groups.  Lindsey reviews each monthly theme in the MCA.


[26:07] The work in breakout groups directly corresponds with what’s going on in The MCA. Amy reviews some monthly highlights and how she supports students through each month of The MCA. 


[30:42] “Trying to do it on your own just does not work”. Ken shares how he coaches students through each month of The Mindset Coach Academy. He believes the intentional design of the MCA Certification program is a crucial part of everyone’s success. 


[34:57] As coaches, we learn a lot from our clients. Lindsey asks the question “How has becoming an MCA team captain changed your life?” Ken and Amy share.

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