MCA Launch 2023

Season #25

Today, I’m talking about The Mindset Coach Academy Certification. This episode is for anyone who is curious about what it’s really like to join The MCA Certification. I’m answering questions like:

  • What does a typical week look like in The MCA Certification?
  • How does this certification differ from others?
  • What is the value of joining The MCA community?
  • How will I be supported after I graduate?
  • What tangible resources will I receive during this course? 
  • Is this certification right for me and my business goals? 
  • What is a Performance Visualization Specialist?
  • What will this certification qualify me to do? 


I created this certification to equip people who are passionate about mindset coaching with the tools they need to start a fulfilling, profitable, business with real impact and results. 

To help people like you bring mindset coaching into the world so that you can teach others the mental skills we all need to achieve our biggest goals, in and out of sports.

If you follow me, you might know all of this already.

But something I haven’t talked a lot about is what it’s really like to be a student in The MCA Certification. 

From the application process (and why we have one), to the very real benefits of joining a community of aspiring mindset coaches, and the practicalities of how we equip you to work with teams long after graduation, I’ll lay it all on the table.

I believe wholeheartedly in our certification. I have years of evidence to support that the MCA Certification takes people to a place where they can work with clients, build a profitable business, get results, and create value in the world. 

I hope this episode gives you clarity about whether or not The MCA Certification is right for you. 

Our next MCA Certification course starts in October. I hope to see you there!



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