Interview Episode - I Can't Wait to be Patient with Dr. Rob Bell

Season #26

Allow me to introduce you to mental performance coach, and the author of your next favorite book, Dr. Rob Bell.

 As a fellow trailblazer in the world of mental performance training, Dr. Rob Bell has accomplished so much, personally and professionally. He is a remarkable endurance athlete and an ironman, and has a passion for sports like golf, swim, ping pong, and chess (yep, we’re calling chess a sport). Rob has also devoted his life to helping others through training teams, organizations, and coaches on mental toughness. 

 I’ve admired Dr. Rob Bell’s work from afar for many years, but somehow it took recording a podcast episode to get us to finally sit down and have a real conversation. And I can tell you honestly that I’ve never had a conversation quite like this one before. 

 I asked Rob to join me today because he just finished up his eighth, yes, EIGHTH book, I Can’t Wait To Be Patient . I can’t recommend this book enough. The main theme of his book (and our episode) revolves around (what Rob calls) “the next big topic in mental training.” And that is… PATIENCE. Why it matters, how to practice it, and how it impacts confidence and long-term success, etc. 

 One of my favorite moments from the episode is when Rob said this: “I think we look at patience as something that is very passive. But that’s not the case at all. It’s about knowing when to be urgent and how to be patient”. 

 It was hard to choose just one quote, this episode is so dang quotable. 

 Rob is not only as cool and nice as I hoped, he’s so generous with his time and knowledge, and he has this calm and focused way of bringing clarity to abstract ideas that don’t often get talked about in mental training. The work Rob is doing and writing about is pushing this industry forward, and I can’t wait to see all the conversations and research he inspires.

Enjoy the episode, and make sure to get your hands on his book, I Can’t Wait To Be Patient by Dr. Rob Bell.


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Book: I Can’t Wait To Be Patient by Dr. Rob Bell 


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Here’s a glance at the episode…

[2:55] Rob just released book number 8. He starts the episode by chatting with Lindsey about his book-writing process and shares a quick, snapshot description of the book’s main theme.


[7:48] Rob argues that our perception of time has to do with supply and demand, which changes over time. 


[12:46] Lindsey asks Rob what his “transitions” are like, in a practical way so that he can toggle between work and life. 


[16:48] “We have to play the game, not the context” Rob shares some background on working with golfers and how he coaches his athletes to use mental training from the start of practice. 


[19:15] What is the fallout of being “Urgent towards the wrong things?”. Lindsey shares how she sees athletes struggle with this concept every day. Rob explains the problem with the way most people think about patience. 


[24:10] “Show me someone that’s confident, and I’ll show you someone that’s patient”. Rob explains how confidence and patience are deeply intertwined and what farmers can teach us about it. 


[29:05] Lindsey asks Rob to share some practical tips for coaches who want to be patient, find a rhythm, and trust the results. Hint: It all comes back to time