Extended Episode - The Law of Attraction with Shay Haddow

Season #26

My guest today is Confidence and Mental Performance Coach, Shay Haddow! A few weeks ago, I was a guest on Shay’s podcast, The Alpha Girl Confidence Podcast, and now it’s her turn to take the hot seat.

 Shay, like many of us, found her passion for mental training through her own personal struggles as an athlete. Shay talks openly about tearing her ACL at the age of 12, reckoning with that physical and emotional trauma at such a young age, and going on to grapple with her confidence as a player until she reached a boiling point her junior year. 

 Now, Shay is a badass coach who has dedicated herself to helping female athletes strengthen their self-belief to play and live confidently. Her keystone program is a 4 month group coaching program for middle school and high school female athletes. 

Building her business from the ground up, Shay is open about experiencing burnout as a business owner, and what it took for her to move through it and come out better on the other side.

 I really admire Shay for being so open about her ups and downs as a business owner. Being an entrepreneur is all-too-often a lonely experience, so Shay’s vulnerability and storytelling in this episode is a powerful reminder that you are not alone. 

Before we even sat down together, I knew this interview would be full of nuggets of wisdom for mindset coaches, so I invited some of my students to join to give them a chance to learn from Shay firsthand and ask her questions. 

Their questions included:

  • “What is the ideal age to start mental training?” 
  • “Do you have trouble getting kids to accept responsibility because parents are playing the blame game?”
  • “Knowing what you know now about hustle culture and burnout, would you do things differently?” 


Shay is one to watch - so listen up and take notes! 

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Instagram: @ shayhaddow

Book: She The Confident

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Here’s a glance at the episode…

 [1:20] Shay starts off the episode by introducing herself and sharing the 3 main ways she works with athletes. She tells the class about the pillars of her core program, “Beyond the Athlete”.


[5:10] Shay shares how the question, “Raise your hand if you feel the pressure to be perfect all the time” creates space for athletes to feel connected.


[6:28] After tearing her ACL at the age of 12, everything changed. Shay talks about dealing with trauma, pressure, and anxiety at a young age and her decision to turn it all around with mindset work. 


[10:34] What effect does taking RESPONSIBILITY have on a struggling athlete? Shay explains how it impacted her life and how she sees it change the lives of the kids she coaches. 


[16:06] Lindsey invites questions from the class. Betsy asks, “What is the ideal age to start mental training?” Billie asks, “Do you have trouble getting kids to accept responsibility because parents are playing the blame game?” 


[20:51] Shay peels back the curtain on her business, and gets into some details about how she structures her business. 


[25:20] Shay experienced severe burnout. With a small shift to her sales process, she moved through burnout and found alignment. 


[30:45] From “push marketing” to “pull marketing”, Shay explains how everything shifted as soon as her mindset shifted. In her words, “If I put out good content, if I do good work, if I help people, the right people will come into my space”. 


[34:19] Shay believes in letting her intuition be her guide. She explains how she felt at odds with herself for years before figuring out how to sell and grow her business in alignment with her values.


[39:04] “As long as the passion and the ideas are there, everything’s gonna work itself out.”


[40:25] Lindsey and Shay wrap up the episode with a few rapid fire questions. Shay explains how she’s simplifying and spending more time in nature, writing a new book, finding joy with her dog, moving every day, and quitting her side hustle to go all-in on her business. 


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Shay Haddow - 3 big ways they work with athletes

  • Confidence and mental performance coach
  • Only for female athletes - high school and middle school mostly in a small group setting
    • Program called beyond the athlete.
    • 4 month group coaching program
  • Book/podcast 
  • Shay was a soccer and basketball player. At 12 she tore her ACL - trauma mentally and physically. She also had anxiety in general as a kid. So being out for 9 months at that age after being a confident athlete was really tough. 
  • Coaching is such a great form of accountability for coaches cause it keeps you honest on how you’re living what you teach. 
  • Mindset of abundance, recovery from burnout


This week, I got to sit down with Sales and Leadership Coach, Casey Jacox. With over 25 years of business experience, Casey has won in sales by prioritizing relationships over transactions. He is a father, husband, coach, podcaster, speaker, and business leader who prides himself on his curiosity, positivity, and authentic way of approaching all facets of his life. 


Over the years, Casey has earned a glowing reputation across the board. After achieving record-breaking sales at his company 10 years in a row, Casey went on to write his debut book, “Win the RELATIONSHIP - Not the DEAL”. He’s now the founder of Winning The Relationship, LLC, a consulting firm that provides executive sales leadership and coaching, and he hosts the podcast, The Quarterback DadCast, which offers advice for fathers.  


What makes this episode so powerful is that Casey is no stranger to adversity, and has continually bet on himself over and over again. Not only has Casey lived a lot of lives, he is a living, breathing example of turning stories of failure into stories of success. With a rich background in both sports and sales, Casey is relatable, sharp, and knows exactly what it takes to crush any big goal in front of you. 


This episode is rich with entertaining sports stories, and lessons from failure, positive self-talk, tough-love pep talks, persistence, and the importance of relationships over everything.

Casey starts off the episode by introducing himself. He chats about his kids as well as his background in sports and sales. He introduces his book, his podcast for dads, and his meaningful work as a sales coach. 


[3:45] Self-belief can be hard to come by when you’re a teenager. Casey’s shares his high school to college football journey, and how he suffered a season-ending injury.


[8:40] Casey shares his dark inner thoughts in the aftermath of his injury, and how he found new purpose after asking his coach for advice. This journey ended up leading him to sales. 


[11:35] Lindsey tells Casey about how she used to believe that not making the WNBA disqualified her from becoming a mindset coach. Now she knows that this “failure” actually qualifies her. Casey shares how he came to the same conclusion and quotes Tony Bennett, “Adversity is life’s golden ticket” 


[15:28] When writing his book, Casey talks about how he had to work on his own self-talk and execute a “training plan”, similar to when he was an athlete. 


[18:09] Casey never expected to become a coach. He tells Lindsey the story of a no-bullshit pep talk that changed everything. When pitching for his first coaching job, he told his employer, “Someone’s gotta bet on me”.


[22:00] Lindsey and Casey discuss the importance of self-belief before others believe in you. From journaling, to self-talk, to visualization, Casey and Lindsey chat about the very real psychological work that goes into maintaining your confidence. 


[26:37] Casey brings up the importance of curiosity. He talks about his daily ice bath routine and how it reminds him that he can do hard things. 


[28:52] These 5 “swear words” create anxiety, negative space, and overwhelm. The phrase, “I will”, puts you right back in the driver’s seat.


[31:28] What does a typical day look like for a high performance sales coach? Casey shares his daily routine which includes ice baths, coaching, “throwing boomerangs”, and showing up for his kids.


[33:40] Lindsey wraps up the episode by asking Casey a few rapid-fire questions. Casey talks about his love of reading, podcasts, and creating purpose and vision for his clients and his kids.