Extended Episode - Lindsey's Life Update

Season #26

Initially, I was a little hesitant to do a life update on the podcast. But then I remembered something my husband told me before I recorded my first episode. He told me that the best podcasts are the ones where people stay open and let people in. And I agree. I love hearing more about the people I follow. 


So today, that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting you in, and sitting down with you like we’re having a turmeric latte (my latest favorite beverage) or going out for a walk around Greenlake. I’ve had a tremendously difficult 6 months, and while I can’t go into everything today, I do want to talk about some simple things that have been bringing me joy and helping me move through the tough stuff. I need more casual chats with friends in my life, and maybe you do too.


So if a life update isn’t for you, go ahead and skip this episode. But if you want to hear more about my life and, let’s face it, my ongoing obsession with birdwatching, press play and join me for a chat.


  • Cultivate rest and creativity: There are so many wonderful ways to practice mental rest and invite creativity into your life. It’s so important, for coaches, parents, business owners, and athletes. If this episode hit home for you, check out my blog: 4 Myths About Athletes, Rest, and Creativity. (Pssst: It’s not just for athletes)


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