Extended Episode - Anticipating Obstacles

Season #26

This episode is about obstacles. Ironically, I had so many obstacles when I tried to record it. Funny how that happens, isn’t it? 

To be more specific, this episode is about ANTICIPATING obstacles. Which may seem a little counterintuitive. Let’s say you have a big, scary, new goal and you decide to go for it. So many of us think we need to just focus on the positive stuff. We need to believe in ourselves to get momentum, we need to think happy thoughts, etc. etc. etc.

It often feels wrong to jump into something while thinking about all the ways it could go wrong. But today I’m going to explain to you why it’s absolutely necessary to think about that stuff. 

Anticipating obstacles is not manifesting the worst case scenario. Anticipating obstacles prepares you to be successful. Because when you don’t anticipate obstacles, you WILL be surprised by them, and that can lead to feeling overwhelmed, stuck, discouraged, or it can cause you to turn to what’s comfortable in the moment.


Anticipate obstacles gives you a chance to create a plan and solve for things ahead of time. This sets you up for success. 


In this episode, I cover:

  • How to anticipate tangible vs intangible obstacles
  • How our feelings about obstacles impact everything
  • How I solve for one of my biggest obstacles as a business owner
  • A common obstacle that’s easy to overlook
  • One exercise you can do today

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