Transforming your Parent/Teen Relationship with Jeanine Mouchawar

Season #27

As a parent, I’ll take any help I can get. Period. 

Today on the podcast, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Jeanine Mouchawar, a parenting coach and certified life coach who works specifically with parents of teenagers. 

If you are a parent of a teenager, you’re likely feeling growing pains. What worked for you before doesn’t work anymore. Your teens are craving more independence, navigating social stresses, and juggling real world pressures and responsibilities. They might even be starting to do things that scare you. 

If you have kids of any age, or coach teen athletes, stop what you’re doing and press play. You guys, this episode is absolute gold. 

Jeanine created a 5-step framework to help parents like us guide, influence, and support our teens.  Today, she’s breaking down each one to show you how to bridge the communication gap with your teen to transform your relationship.

Jeanine is an absolute superhero because she gives parents the lifeline that they’re looking for. She teaches strategies to navigate difficult conversations, become your teen’s go-to person, and actually enjoy the teen years. 

What I love about this episode is: 

  1. As a parent, I’m always hearing about the infamous teen years, and frankly will take all the help I can get. I learned SO much from this interview. 
  2. This 5 step framework comes from Jeanine’s personal experience raising a challenging teenager who was engaging in risky behaviors. Her system really works, and she’s living proof of that. 
  3. Jeanine gives parents so many actionable ways to transform patterns of communication right away AND long-term.


Stop the parent-teen battles, stop feeling helpless, start taking actions that bring you and your teen closer together, and create the calm and peaceful home you so deserve.


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Here’s a glance at the episode…


[1:59] Jeanine starts off by introducing herself as a parenting coach for parents who are either trying to navigate a tough relationship with their teen or hoping to prepare for the teen years.


[4:29] Parents often approach parenting teens by trying to stop a certain behavior that is making them worried. Jeanine explains how that creates a negative cycle. 


[9:12] Teens need different parenting than they did when they were young. We can’t parent through force. Lindsey draws a parallel with being a sports coach.


[11:21] When your teen does something that scares you, your nervous system gets flooded. Step 1 of Jeanine’s 5 step system is about regulating your own emotional system before you talk to your kids. Shame plays a big role in you teen’s reaction. 


[15:20] Jeanine and Lindsey chat about how you can calm your nervous system quickly using more ‘surface level ways’ for quick wins right away. 


[17:48] Step 2 is all about zooming out and observing the behavior. Jeanine warns not to get into what she calls ‘mommy fast forward brain’ and what happens when you do.


[21:31] Getting curious is step 3 in Jeanine’s framework. What is your teen thinking/feeling/or causing them to make that choice?


[28:55] To meet your teen where they’re at, you have to normalize their feelings so they don’t feel alone. Tell them “YOU are not the problem, it’s you and me against the problem”. This is step 4. Jeanine offers some examples of healthy ways to chat with your teens, leading with empathy. 


[31:45] Jeanine dives into step 5 which is all about helping your teens solve their own problems. Jeanine explains the importance of buy-in before offering advice. 


[34:18] Lindsey and Jeanine chat about how coaches can apply this framework to sports, and how the parenting and coaching emotional framework has evolved over time. Lindsey asks “How do you approach disciplining your teen?”.


[39:27] Lindsey and Jeanine end the episode with a discussion on “natural consequences”, why they’re important, and how to know when it’s time to step in.