Extended Episode - The Importance of Team In Adulthood

Season #28

Do you remember morning conditioning? Waking up at 5 AM to get yelled at by your coach and run sprints with your team in the rain (why was it always raining?).

 Imagine all the energy it would have taken to wake up and do morning conditioning on your own. No team, no coach, just you relying on sheer willpower to create a workout plan, show up on time, and push yourself through your entire workout. 

 I don't care how dedicated you are, it is SO much harder to do it alone. 

This is true for morning conditioning and it’s also true for entrepreneurship, parenthood, professional development... etc. etc. 

 Today on the podcast, I’m talking about the importance of finding community, especially in an area of your life where you want to excel.

After I left basketball, I didn’t even realize how much I missed having a community of people to lean on as I took on my next challenge of building a business. Finding a team is not easy outside of competitive sports. It’s not that you can’t build one, it’s just that it's not obvious how to go about building one. 

Not only that, but when you don’t have a team, it can leave a void that you may not even notice. 

 In today’s episode I talk about:

  • What happens in your brain when you’re surrounded by like-minded people.
  • The time I spent $25,000 in search of a team (and what I learned)
  • How I plan to bring mindset coaches together in 2024
  • The unique challenges of entrepreneurs (+ how loneliness can derail you) 
  • The difference between friendships and teammates


It's time to get real about your support system, find out where you have an 'energy leak' and create community around your goals so that you can maximize your energy.

How do you think team plays (or has played) a role in your growth (or struggle) as an entrepreneur? Tell me about it on Instagram. And if you’re a mindset coach looking for community, I hope to see you in The Mindset Coach Academy!

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