Building a Parent/Coach Alliance with Skye Eddy

Season #28

My guest today is Skye Eddy, the founder and CEO of Soccer Parenting Association. Sports are in Skye’s DNA. She is an experienced coach and former professional player with a long and impressive resume. Today, Skye is tirelessly working to bridge the gap between parents and coaches to create a stronger, more holistic foundation of support for young athletes.

As a professional athlete-turned-soccer mom, Skye knew there was a need for better parent/coach collaboration in youth sports, but didn’t realize just how much work needed to be done until she experienced being a parent on the sidelines.

She saw a pattern: Coaches were defensive towards parents and quick to put them in the “crazy sports parent” category. While parents were too afraid to speak up for fear of being thought of as a “crazy sports parent”. So, she set out to build an educational framework to help coaches and parents learn to communicate, collaborate, and support one another. 

 The work Skye has done through Soccer Parenting Association has changed the game for coaches, parents, and most importantly, athletes. 

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the research and science supports parent/coach collaboration
  • Actionable ways coaches can cultivate a positive parent/coach relationship
  • How lack of education causes stress in parents, and creates a ripple effect
  • The “crazy sports parent” dilemma (and how to break the cycle)
  • How to create a future where sports are really designed for kids

Skye is incredible at stating simple concepts in new ways, and shedding light on the sociology of sports. The work she is doing is incredibly important. With every course, presentation, and student, Skye is creating a better sports experience for the next generation of athletes, parents, and coaches.

Talk about giving back to the game!

I’m thrilled ot help Skye spread the word about Soccer Parenting Association and all her incredible resources for parents and coaches. Let me know what you think about the episode!

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Course: “Parent Engagement for Coaches”. Use our special coupon code “POSITIVE” for 25% off at 

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Here’s a glance at the episode…


[1:24] Skye introduces herself by talking about why she founded Soccer Parenting. As a professional athlete-turned-soccer mom, she wanted to optimize her relationship with her athlete, and noticed a need in youth sports.


[4:20] Skye shares her answer to the question, “What are you trying to accomplish?” and how the value of youth sports goes far beyond competition.


[7:10] How is the Soccer Parenting Association bridging the gap between parents and athletes? Skye shares a personal story about her daughter losing motivation and the what that taught her about the industry, from a parenting perspective.


[12:06] Lindsey examines the relationship between commitment, expectations, and pressure, and its impact on young athletes. Skye shares wise words about structural issues in sports.


[16:42] We have to be aware that there is no guaranteed result when we sign our kids up for sports. Skye shares some research that supports the value of parent engagement programs in schools. 


[19:54] Where does the ‘crazy sports parent’ character come from? Skye talks about how this small percentage of parents have hugely impacted how coaches engage with folks on the sidelines. She asks coaches, “What do you believe to be true about youth sports parents?”


[25:14] Skye shares some actionable ways coaches can nurture a positive parent relationship. She recommends going through her one hour course, “Parent Engagement for Coaches”, and appointing a Social Coordinator.


[31:37] Lindsey talks about what it was like to coach young athletes this year. Skye mentions the importance of recruiting quality coaches for our youngest, most novice players. 


[33:40] The episode wraps up with a quick overview about where you can find Skye and how you can access her resources for coaches and parents.



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