MM - The Downside of Your Goals

Season #28

Monday mornings are for nerding out on mindset work!

My question for you today is: Is your subconscious on board with your goals?

There are so many ways to use mental training to align your subconscious with what you say you want, but one that we don't usually talk about it to think about the downside of achieving your goals.

Don't get me wrong, it's very important to spend time thinking about the upsides, and getting pumped about future you.

But even the most exciting goals have a downside.

Today on the podcast, I'm getting into it. I'm getting into the science, and into the practicality of what it looks like to clear out mental clutter so you can go for your goals 110%.

Tune in!

If you want to go for your goals, you have to pay attention to your limiting thoughts (we all have them). We all know exactly what to say to ourselves to keep us playing small. It's time to confront your inner haters so that they can no longer stand in your way:


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