Accountability and Vulnerability with The Bodacious Brotherhood

Season #28

I had the great pleasure of interviewing The Bodacious Brotherhood. The BB came together in The Mindset Coach Academy Certification when they were randomly assigned to the same small group. 

I always say that you “get out of the small group what you put into it”, and these men showed what’s possible when you cut the bullshit, get vulnerable, and put it all on the table. 

I first noticed this group had a special bond when they started calling each other out during our weekly big group calls. I knew I had to get this group of men on the podcast to talk about how they pushed past social norms to create this special group centered around radical honesty and vulnerability. 

In the episode, we cover:

  • The key moment early on that defined their team culture
  • How rare it is to have vulnerable male friendships
  • Advice for men wanting to develop deeper relationships
  • The massive ripple effect of accountability and support


If you’re interested in joining The MCA Certification, see what’s possible! Take a peek inside one of the most valuable pieces of the program: The small groups!

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Ken Bizup is the owner of Athletes Mental Trainer where he helps athletes overcome mental blocks to reach peak performance. He is an MCA graduate and has been an MCA team leader for years. Learn more about Ken at and on Instagram at Athletes_Mental_Trainer


John-Austin is a former professional baseball player and an MCA graduate whose aim is to bring Mental Training to baseball atheltes. Learn more about John-Austin at and on Instagram at MintCompetitors


Brandon Stokes is a Mental Performance Coach and MCA graduate. He works with younger athletes and families to put their dreams into action. Learn more about Brandon at and on Instagram at MentalGameAthleteTransform 


Jeff Stover has been a Human Performance Advocate for over 30 years. Jeff is a lover of sports and life, a Mental Training coach, and an MCA graduate.


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Here’s a glance at the episode…


[1:02] Lindsey introduces The “Bodacious Brotherhood”, and asks each one of the members to introduce themselves.

 [5:17] Brandon explains where their group name comes from. As a group, they started with “belief” and grew from there. Brandon talks about how a family emergency created intense vulnerability in the group early on and how he used The BRAVR Method.

 [10:17] John-Austin speaks on how the group approached working on themselves from a holistic perspective; wanting to be better fathers, husbands, business owners, and coaches. 

 [12:54] Brandon tells a story about a time he froze in the spotlight, and how the BB held him accountable. The group talks about how they helped each other remember their strengths how that forged a bond.

 [17:10] Jeff shares how he believed “Iron sharpens iron” in the group. Lindsey asks Ken about his experience as an ongoing MCA team leader. 

 [22:26] The BB talks about the key moment in the group that forged emotional safety. They go on to share specific examples of times when the group’s accountability and coaching made a big difference.

 [25:41] John-Austin talks about how rare it is to have vulnerable male friendships, and what the group has meant to him. 

 [27:56] Societal norms around male friendships make it hard to connect. Jeff talks about his intentional approach to creating mens groups.

 [31:55] The BB speak on how you “get out of it what you put into it”, and how that mindset shaped the value of their weekly team meetings. Lindsey asks how this experience will help them as leaders moving forward.

 [35:30] Ken identifies the transformational power and value of the small groups in The MCA Certification and the group wraps up by sharing their advice for men wanting to develop deeper connections.


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