3 Simple Tricks to Increase Competitiveness in Your Athletes

Everything is going well until… it isn’t. Then what?

The thing is, you know and I know, that your athletes are going to STRUGGLE at some point- one mistake is going to turn into 2, 3, more? You will likely lose, an athlete will be in a slump. Someone will get injured and another will just have an 'off' day.

So if we KNOW this is going to happen, why not have a plan for when it does? In this information packed interview, I team up with Fast Pitch Fit founder and mental training expert Jenn Starkey to talk about how athletes can use her 3 simple hacks to get them back to a strong, competitive mindset when things aren’t going their way.

Her exercises demonstrate the true power of visualization and mental training and her way of teaching is truly special. (this will be a GREAT video to share with your athletes).

Watch the video, and take her lessons back to your team to show them how the smallest mental adjustment can mean the difference between a foul ball and a home run. (this is a video that you will likely want to bookmark and use over and over again.)

About Jenn

While competing as a Division 1 Athlete at her dream school, Jenn’s life turned upside down. On the verge of losing everything, Jenn discovered the secrets to success that she now shares with teen athletes to help them conquer any obstacle, master the mental game and win in sports, school and LIFE! Jenn is the founder of MVP Leadership Academy, a unique online community of teen athletes and mentors who are committing to crushing expectations on and off the field. She is also the author of “A League of Your Own” Leadership Lessons from All-Star Athletes and the creator of the Zen Hitting Training system.Best,


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