A Case for Visualization

Season #15 Episode #288

It's no secret that Lindsey is a big proponent of visualization. In today's episode, Lindsey discusses the science behind - and value of - visualization with a few facts that will blow your mind (pun intended). Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 288. -------------------- If you want a concrete way to make massive change in your life, listen to THIS guided visualization every day for 7 days. Your life can shift quickly if you are ready to do the inner work. It’s ALL waiting for you: -------------------- Getting your athletes focused and prepared for competition can feel like an uphill battle. If you've been looking for a simple mindset tool that you can use every day to get your athletes in the right headspace every time and teach them to take control of their own mindset, we recommend The BRAVR. Get the full system for your team today: -------------------- For more on this topic, check out our latest blog: The Counterintuitive Way to Set Goals: