Confidence as an Antidote to Fear

Season #21

Is it fair to say that we (as a society) have worn out the word “confidence”?

Sometimes it feels like such a buzzword that it becomes hard to think of it in a new way. But today, I’m going to do my best to shed new light on this keyword. 

For the next few minutes, I want to challenge you to think of confidence as the antidote to fear. As an action that we have the power to take in response to our fear. I want you to think about confidence as a verb.

If confidence is a verb, then it’s something you can stop waiting around for. Something you can actively grow and cultivate in your own life, something within your reach regardless of how you feel today or in any given situation.

In our cornerstone blog, 5 Myths About Confidence, we talk about the origin of confidence, the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic confidence, and finally, we debunk 5 common myths about confidence. 

In this special extended episode of The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I’m going through each myth, one at a time, and sharing personal examples along the way to help me show you why you shouldn’t believe them.

Here are the 5 myths about confidence in question: 


  1. Confidence is a result of success
  2. You have to feel confident to take action
  3. Faking it til you make it doesn’t work
  4. Confident people are confident all the time
  5. Some people are just born confident


In this episode, I explain why confidence is always in your grasp and offer you simple ways you can cultivate it. I share examples from my own life and give you advice to help you (and your team) build real, bulletproof, lifelong confidence that is based on internal belief and self-alignment, not on conditions or fragile ego.

Press play to be on your way to better confidence! 


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