#431: What It's Like To Be A Mindset Coach With 2 MCA Grads

Season #23

Today, I am thrilled to welcome TWO (yes TWO) badass mindset coaches to join me on this very special episode of The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast!

Amy Oliphant is the founder of Transcend Mental training and a Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach. Fun fact, Amy was actually in our very first MCA Certification course, and has been a Team Captain for us over the past 4 years. When she joined us, she had no intention of starting a business. Now, she’s getting paid to be a mindset coach and scaling her business, with plans to expand in 2023. In her words, “If you run towards that fear, the possibilities are endless”.

Nikki Dieball does it all. As the Associate Head Volleyball Coach at Southern Nazarene University and the owner of RISE volleyball club, Nikki has set up her mindset coaching business to scale however and whenever she needs it to. Wearing so many different hats and being a mom to a 10 year old and 2 month old at the same time, growing her mindset coaching business on the side has allowed Nikki tremendous flexibility and peace-of-mind.

If you are thinking about joining us for our Mindset Coach Academy Certification program in the spring, or simply want to know what it’s like to become a Mindset Coach, this episode is a must-listen.

A huge thank you to Nikki and Amy for being my guests today and being so open about what it’s really like, on a day-to-day basis, to be a mindset coach. Juggling kids, adult responsibilities, and other jobs, these two are real, raw, and don’t hold anything back.

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If you are inspired by Nikki and Amy and are interested in becoming a PPT Certified Mindset Coach…

 Links to other resources mentioned in the episode:

  • Mistake Ritual: Stop watching your athletes turn one mistake into five. Instead, be proactive and help them develop a mistake ritual to fall back on when things get tough. In this online video workshop you'll learn how to use our mistake ritual system (worksheet included) so you can easily teach it to your athletes or team in a simple 30 minute workshop.
  • BRAVR Method: The BRAVR™ is a step-by-step SYSTEM designed to get you and your athletes the focus, toughness and resiliency in practice (and beyond) that you ALL deserve. Trusted by hundreds of coaches to have highly productive, focused team practices. For the coach that KNOWS the mental game IS the game. 


Here’s a glance at this episode:

[1:00] Amy gives a quick intro about her business, Transcend Mental Training, and Nikki gives a quick intro about her job as an Assistant Volleyball coach at Southern Nazarene University and owner of RISE volleyball club.

[6:45] “Either decide it’s gonna be a hobby or jump in with both feet”. Amy talks about the importance of intentionally choosing your path as a mindset coach.

[8:30] Nikki was fortunate enough to be introduced to mental training at a young age. She shares how her passion for mental training led her to finding Lindsey and joining The Mindset Coach Academy. .

[12:55] “I can make it as big as I want” Nikki talks about the peace of mind that comes with having a side hustle that can scale whenever she needs it to (while helping people).

[15:30] What’s a day-in-the-life of a Mindset Coach really look like? Amy talks about her own mindset routine. She also shares some personal wins - getting her first corporate client, launching a group subscription program for hockey players (and eventually swimmers), and prepping for end-of-the-year presentations at highschools.

[17:45] Athletes today are faced with unique challenges. Nikki is seeing a ton of confidence issues and overwhelm with schedules, mental health, pressure to perform, and learning to “win” without a scoreboard.

[20:27] The ripple effect of mindset coaching is REAL. In Nikki’s words, “It can’t help but bleed over into every aspect of their life [...] the classroom, relationships…”

[23:09] Both Amy and Nikki agree they used to “frankenstein” their training programs from scratch. Now, Amy’s created a choose-your-own-adventure “mental performance roadmap” and reminds us there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all. Nikki’s created a structured-yet-unscripted program that’s tailored to each client.

[27:22] The Mistake Ritual is one tool that both Amy and Nikki use consistently. In Nikki’s words, “It can change things for them in an instant”. Amy believes most athletes have no idea what they’re thinking. She shares about the one tool she uses to help them get their inner thoughts to work FOR them.

[31:21] Amy and Nikki share their favorite metaphors for creating custom visualizations for clients. Then, they share what’s next for them and their businesses.

[34:33] Nikki talks about her new project that is tailor-made to help athletes navigate the recruitment experience; including dealing with rejection.

[36:15] How does a mindset coach grow their own mindset? Both Nikki and Amy talk about the importance of weaving mindset work into their daily routines. They both agree that lists, organization, and time management is key!

[39:44] Wrapping up this episode, Lindsey asks Nikki and Amy to share what they would say to someone who is thinking about joining The MCA Certification. From the incredible community, to the learning environment that challenges you and builds your confidence,  In Amy’s words, “I wouldn’t be where I am without it”.



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