3 Simple Ways to Compete Better - MM

Season #26

Competing better is a huge topic, and one that I would normally save for a longer episode. But today, I feel inspired to break it down into a Mental Monday-sized episode.

In this short and sweet episode, I'm sharing what exactly you need to be monitoring and managing as a coach to get the best performance out of your athletes. I also share the 3 mindset exercises you need to be doing with your athletes before, after, and during every competition.

This really is the game-changing mindset exercise that you've been looking for.

Press play to learn the basics of turning your athletes into master competitors.


This 30-minute online video workshop will prepare you with everything you need to teach your athletes how to bounce back from mistakes in competition:

In The Psychology of Competition toolbox, you’ll gain a scientific understanding of the psychology of competition, and be introduced to printable worksheets, on the go guided visualization, and exercises you can use to help you and your team get your mind right before, during, and after competition:


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