Extended Episode - Why You Should Charge Money as a Mindset Coach

Season #28

Can you help people… and make money? 

Can you be a good person… and make money? 

Can you make a real difference… and make money? 

Money comes up a lot with my MCA students. And it’s rarely about counting dollars and cents. Money is symbolic, and a lot of us have a complicated relationship with it.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to choose whether or not to charge money as a mindset coach, and today, I’m coming in hot with 3 reasons why I believe you absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, need to charge money as a mindset coach. Because you playing SMALL won’t inspire others to play BIG. 

If you are on the fence or feel guilty about making money as a mindset coach, I URGE you to listen to this episode.

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