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Lack of Mental Training is the #1 cause of under-performance

High performing athletes need a combination of  mental, physical and skill based training.  All three of these areas can be trained. Yet the research and our own experience shows us that the vast majority of athletes and coaches undertrain the mental game.  This leads to lower levels of performance because of:

  • Inconsistency
  • Inability to handle failure or stress
  • Academic or external issues
  • Lack of Motivation

Most athletes score high on the physical and skills development but low on their mental game.

Why Mental Training is Critical

“Positive Performance has helped me walk in to each competition knowing that I’m prepared to the best of my abilities, and that’s where confidence comes from.  It has helped me stay focused, stay positive, and keep a clear head through failure and success, and continues to help me do my best one day at a time.”

Courtney Thompson - Olympian

How Does Positive Performance Work?


Learn the proven mental skills of elite and Olympic athletes


Individual and team based learning


On Web and Mobile


Measure and track individual and team progress


The Results – More wins, high performing teams, happy players

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Who's Gaining The Mental Edge?

  • Katie Abrahamson-Henderson

    Head Coach, University at Albany

    “After going 16-12, we did the training and it completely turned the program around. The next year we were 17-2 in the conference and 23-10 overall and went to the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history.”
  • Kelly Graves

    Head Coach, Gonzaga University

    “We’re always looking for an extra edge as coaches. Anything that will help us get to the next level. I thought mentally we didn’t know what we had so I think this gave us the extra edge that we needed. We had the physical talent no question about it. Positive Performance helped us get the MENTAL edge and I think everybody could use that – EVERYBODY could use that.”
  • Erik Johnson

    Head Coach, Boston College

    “Taking over the program here at Boston College, I felt like the mental side of our game really had a long way to go especially with the new coaching staff…our players have responded really really well….our players have not only seen that it’s impactful but that they have really enjoyed the experience as well.”
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Developer tougher and more resilient athletes faster thanks to Positive Performance’s proven training (results)

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We make it easy for athletes to train in a structure and consistent manner with online and mobile access.

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Keep your team on the same page. We put metrics at your fingertips so you can track performance over time

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