3 Ways to Use the Mindset Coach Certification (VIDEO)



Note: We are accepting applications for the Mindset Coach Certification this Fall, 2020 for our next cohort. To be the first to know about this upcoming 4-month hands-on certification course, put your name on our waitlist. Those on our waitlist will be the first to know details. 

With the launch of our Mindset Coach Certification, we've been giving you tons of information to help you decide if this certification is right for you.

1. You Want to Grow as an Athletic Coach.

You may sign up for our certification course primarily because you want to expand your understanding of the mind, and add our certification to your coaching resume. You want to learn more about the mental game and be able to offer extra value to your team. If you want to get certified for your own growth and credibility, this is an excellent way to do that. You'll be able to immediately take new concepts and strategies to your existing team, and will have the...

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My #1 Tool for Making Massive Impact With My Clients: Becoming a Certified Performance Visualization Specialist


When I was in my mid 20s, I became really interested in doing mindset work. My ongoing research and conversations with friends and colleagues ultimately led me to meeting Dr. James Hollingsworth, a trained hypnotist, and the first person to ever introduce me to the immense impact of hypnotism and guided visualization. One thing Dr. Hollingsworth taught me is that the best way to learn about and understand hypnotism is by experiencing it firsthand.

I remember the first time I was hypnotized so clearly; it sticks out in my mind. I remember what the room looked like, the overwhelming feelings that surfaced, and the ultimate relief. Truthfully, the first time I was hypnotized, I started crying. I was so present. I remember being blown away by my own mind. I had years of mental training behind me, I was no stranger to the power of the mind, and yet I was still surprised. It was different. I couldn’t believe I was able to have such an extremely powerful experience just by tapping...

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The 2 Things that Will Kill Your Dreams of Being a Mindset Coach (VIDEO)


In my experience as a mindset coach and as an entrepreneur, there are two things that must be aligned in order for you to be successful. If you don’t take time to address these two things first, they will drag you down and inhibit you from achieving your goals. 

Your Mindset

Your mindset HAS to be right before you can teach others to take control of their own mindset. If you are not working on yourself, you will not be able to reach your clients; it just won’t work.

Think about it this way, would you respond to a health coach who ate poorly, never exercised, and had bad habits? NO! Likewise, your actions will directly impact the authority and respect that your athletes+ clients assign to you.

Furthermore, we all have a finite amount of focus and energy. When you hold beliefs about yourself or speak to yourself in a way that drags you down, (i.e. I’m just not good at motivating people. I’m not meant to be successful. Investing in myself is a waste), you...

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Sledding, Risk, and Doing What You Love

It’s the dead of winter in Seattle and it's snowing here. It's snowing a LOT. School is canceled, and we haven’t driven our cars in a week.  Our days have mostly revolved around sledding and sitting in front of a fireplace.

I LOVE sledding. It’s the perfect activity; allowing you to teeter on the edge of risk, some real, some imagined. I’ve been watching my daughter learn to love sledding over these past days and I've realized that how she approaches sledding is exactly how I approached starting my business. 

Understanding how we (collectively as humans) approach risk, and then examining how we individually learn and grow from it, is a fascinating exploration. What can I say, I nerd out on this stuff. 

On day 1 of Seattle's "Snowmageddon", we eagerly convened with all our friends at the base of the steepest hill in the neighborhood. It was beautiful. The hill was covered in perfect powdered snow, and a few rogue snowflakes...

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Do What You Love and the $$ Will Follow??? (VIDEO)

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2019

Have you ever heard that you should just do what you love and the money will follow? Oh puh-lease! If that were true, every starving artist, musician or do-gooder would be rolling in it. I do think the core of that message is true- you should do something you love and that making money is easier if you are truly motivated by passion. THAT I believe.

Is mindset coaching the thing you love? Well listen up.

Because making money just because you love mindset coaching isn’t my experience. Can you make money as a mindset coach? Yes. But it doesn't just come. I started making money when I started investing in myself, when I started acting like a CEO, when I decided making money was a priority. In other words, it didn't just fall in my lap.  And it didn’t come from hard work either (another cliché that isn’t true); it came from working smart and taking the RIGHT action.

If you are a mindset coach or aspiring mindset coach, in this video, I talk...

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Are You Ready to be the Coach You Wish You Had?

You are here for a reason. Well, actually, I bet it’s one of two reasons. You are drawn to mindset coaching EITHER because...

  • Some coach helped you develop YOUR Mindset and you want to pay it forward. 
  • You didn’t learn about the power of the mind until you were an adult... and you wish you had learned it sooner.

Am I right?

I am in the first category, but if I had a nickel for every person I met (In a bar, on a plane, at a convention...) that WISH they had done mindset work as a young athlete, I’d be…. Well, I’d still be doing what I’m doing today (but with a few more nickels:)

Regardless of how you got here, you are passionate about mindset work; you are passionate about spreading the word about mindset work, and you want to teach it. Do you want to make money at it? Maybe. Maybe as a side hustle. Maybe as a full-time gig. Maybe you just really want to impact the athletes you are coaching right now and don’t care about money.


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What Are You Waiting For? The 3 REAL Reasons You Don't Invest In Yourself

If you're like many of the coaches I've talked to, this is not the first time you've thought about becoming a Mental Coach. But investing in yourself and taking the leap into entrepreneurship can feel like a huge risk, and the opportunity never seems to arise at the 'perfect time'. If you are on the fence, my hope is that what I'm about to share with you will help you sift through your thoughts and give you a clearer understanding of what might be holding you back.

Now, how could I have any idea what you're feeling? Well, because the other day I plunked down $4k for a 2-month mastermind group coaching. So...

I've been in your shoes this week- I've hesitated to invest in myself; I know what that feels like.

I’ve been wanting a new coach for awhile; one that is more in line with where my business is currently. I had my eye on this woman for a while, I saw her ads on facebook and watched her videos regularly, but nothing more (sound familiar?). Then...

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From $0 to Money, Money, Money: How to Get Your 1st Paying Client as a Mental Training Coach


Does talking about money and sales make you feel uneasy?

I get it, it did for me too. It still does in some cases, to be perfectly honest.

I realized that this unease feels like a moral high road (i.e. the proclamation that money isn’t the most important thing). Really, not talking about money is just self-sabotage.

Let me explain. In my previous post, (How to Avoid) My 4 Biggest Failures as a Mental Training Entrepreneur, I talked a little about how shaping my money mindset drove my success as an entrepreneur. Today, I'm going to really dive into how you can shape your money mindset to win your first paying client.

In my experience, the easiest way to self-sabotage your business is through money, sales, and clients. 

Get Perspective

One of the hardest parts of having your own business is not being able to have objective perspective. You can look at your business all day and all night and not really see what you need to see. Things can be RIGHT in...

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The Simple Mindset Routine that Changes My Whole Day


We often celebrate massive action (which is really fun). Taking a leap to a new career, finishing a book, accomplishing something really difficult. Big achievements are totally worth celebrating. But today, I’m stepping back to celebrate the micro actions that make the big actions possible.

My Favorite Goal-Setting Tool

I’m obsessed with my planner.

It literally goes everywhere with me. Sure, my phone can do WAY more things; it can automatically order groceries for me, I can buy a plane ticket to Fiji, or video call with my brother in Costa Rica for free. It’s a marvel.

But my little planner, with thick pages and simple text, is the mindset hack that keeps me moving forward.  

It’s like having my brain on paper, organized with small little check boxes and stars. I write down EVERYTHING. I start by drawing a neat little line down the middle to split the page into two parts; one column says ‘work’, one says...

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How I 'Get it All Done': Life Mindset and Time Management


Life. IS. CRAZY. With kids, a business, a house, and a hubby- It's complete chaos in my life most of the time.

But even in all the chaos, I keep life moving forward and manage to get things done. And I've learned a TON about how to do that better and better. 

So whether you are running a business, a household, a team or all of them, this is how I do it. And while I truly believe, we all have to find our OWN way, I have found it helpful to learn what works for others, even if it just helps me back to what I know I should be doing in the first place:) And yes, for me it all starts with MINDSET... and some time management mixed in).

If you are a coach who wants a little extra help 'getting it all done' check out our blog that is FULL of life and mindset hacks to keep you moving forward and enacting change in others. Read: How to Actually Live What You Teach: Actionable Self-Improvement for Coaches

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