Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Lindsey Wilson

Welcome to The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I’m Lindsey Wilson, former pro athlete, high-performance mindset coach, and entrepreneur and here we’ll dive into everything mindset. I have lived all these mindset tools-...


We Aren‘t Here to Fix You

Season #15 Episode #286

Lindsey's message is simple: Stop trying to fix yourself. Whether you're into religion, astrology, reiki, or meditation, this episode will help you unlock the inner power that is already inside you. Master your...
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When You Feel Hurried, Do This

Season #15 Episode #285

What happens when we feel RUSHED? We get sloppy. We make bad choices. We fail to live in the present moment. Lindsey reflects on her recent experience and teaches a better way to manage feelings of stress. Master...
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Will it Work for Me?

Season #15 Episode #284

There are no guarantees that anything you try will work out. In today's episode, Lindsey discusses the value of healthy self-comparison and the seeds of self-doubt that can keep you from achieving your biggest...
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Follow the Fun

Season #15 Episode #283

Lindsey is often asked, "How do you come up with so much content?" With a family, daily podcast, blog, newsletters, and social media, Lindsey shares how she gets it all done - without sacrificing what she cares...
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BRAVR Breakdown

Season #15 Episode #281

Nervous? Tired? Scattered? Unmotivated? Your state of mind going into a game, meeting, first date, or Monday morning doesn't have to be a toss-up, you can control it. In Episode 281, Lindsey breaks down the mindset...
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We Don‘t Need to Control Our Negative Thoughts

Season #15 Episode #282

Oftentimes, when we talk about mindset work and being intentional about our thoughts, it can come across as "forcing positivity". Lindsey addresses this in today's episode. Master your mindset, optimize your life...
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