Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Lindsey Wilson

Welcome to The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I’m Lindsey Wilson, former pro athlete, high-performance mindset coach, and entrepreneur and here we’ll dive into everything mindset. I have lived all these mindset tools-...


The Most Exciting Thing About Goals

Season #15 Episode #300

Happy 300th episode!! We're taking a moment this morning to breathe in gratitude for the privilege of bringing our listeners a daily mindset lesson every day for a whopping 300 days!! We could not have done it without...
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What Are You Obsessed With?

Season #15 Episode #299

Why are some people more successful than others? Is it talent? Or is it that they go where their mind takes them? Lindsey reminds you today that sometimes the best path is the easy path. Master your mindset,...
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The Goal Audit

Season #15 Episode #298

When it comes to talking about goal setting, Lindsey takes a unique approach and focuses on what she knows best: Mindset. In today's episode, Lindsey gives you a counterintuitive way to focus on the goals that...
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Life is Full, Not Busy

Season #15 Episode #297

Believe it or not, one little word can absolutely transform the way you think about your time. Practice this language shift to claim agency over your life. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner...
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The Alone Zone

Season #15 Episode #296

Lindsey begins this episode with a challenge; one that is meant to bring you closer to your dreams, feelings, and inner voice. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode 296....
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How Much is Your Time Worth?

Season #15 Episode #295

Sometimes holding yourself back looks a lot like 'working hard'. Lindsey asks the question, "What is your time worth?" and gets into the cost/benefit of the DIY mindset. Master your mindset, optimize your life...
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Why You Don‘t Set Big Goals (+ Why It Matters)

Season #15 Episode #294

What are you so afraid of? In today's episode about goal setting, Lindsey highlights the REAL reason you may be avoiding making any real commitment to your goals. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The...
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Do Less, Think More

Season #15 Episode #293

Today, Lindsey shares why she believes having children (and "coincidentally" less time) was one of the best things to ever happen to her business. Master your mindset, optimize your life with The Inner Game, Episode...
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Don‘t Give Yourself Too Much Time

Season #15 Episode #291

As a continuation of yesterday's episode, Lindsey is sharing a second mindset hack she uses for tackling her to-do list. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed and/or unproductive, do THIS. Master your mindset,...
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The Mindset of Tasks

Season #15 Episode #290

Waking up to a long list of tasks can feel totally overwhelming. And it's so easy to let that feeling keep you from moving forward. In this episode, Lindsey shares one mindset exercise that she uses to tackle any...
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A Case for Visualization

Season #15 Episode #288

It's no secret that Lindsey is a big proponent of visualization. In today's episode, Lindsey discusses the science behind - and value of - visualization with a few facts that will blow your mind (pun intended)....
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The Forcing Function

Season #15 Episode #287

Lindsey begins the episode with a quote, "Sometimes all it takes is 30 seconds of bravery". The lingering question is this: What do you need to do for 30 seconds to move your life forward? Master your mindset,...
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