Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Lindsey Wilson

Welcome to The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I’m Lindsey Wilson, former pro athlete, high-performance mindset coach, and entrepreneur and here we’ll dive into everything mindset. I have lived all these mindset tools-...


Carpe Your Inspiration Diem

Season #14 Episode #280

First comes inspiration, and then comes all the reasons you shouldn't take action. You tell yourself you should wait until you have the money, the time, the education, etc. In this final episode of Season 14,...
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The Belief IS the Work

Season #14 Episode #279

Today's episode starts with the premise that THE WORK is the easy part. All that time spent behind a computer, filling out paperwork, answering emails, designing business cards... What isn't as easy is the INNER...
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Go Be a Miracle

Season #14 Episode #278

We all make things so complicated, but at the root of everything is the reality that you are an absolute miracle. Lindsey urges you to tap into whatever makes you light up, and explains the mental shift that happens...
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Vacation? Off Your Routine?

Season #14 Episode #277

This episode is dropping - and not a moment too soon - because summer vacation is in full swing. That means an interruption to routine, which can come with a whole slew of challenges. Hit play for suggestions on how...
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Consumption vs. Creation

Season #14 Episode #276

There is a time and place for consumption; a good book, Netflix show, or podcast. But today's episode is about the importance of flipping the script and putting yourself in the creator's seat. Master your mindset,...
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The Mindset Dance Party

Season #14 Episode #275

As a high performer, you spend so much time pushing yourself, planning, and working toward that next level. This episode is not about any of that. Because sometimes, what your body REALLY needs is for you to let...
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The 3 AM Voice

Season #14 Episode #273

What are your innermost thoughts telling you? Are they critiquing you or coaching you? And how can you tell the difference? In today's episode, Lindsey helps you identify the inner voice that can push you to that...
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Where to Get Advice

Season #14 Episode #272

If you're trying accomplish anything in your life, it's normal to ask for advice to help you get there. But not all advice is created equal. In today's episode, Lindsey offers one simple tip to help you get advice...
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Going On Vacation? Listen to This

Season #14 Episode #271

Coming back from vacation has given Lindsey a new perspective on the importance of REST and preparation for your return. She shares a few somewhat obvious (yet super helpful) tips before she sends you off! Master...
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5 Things To Do When You're Feeling 'Blah'

Season #14 Episode #270

Need a quick hit to shake you out of the summer blues? Lindsey shares her top 5 ways to process your feelings and move through them when you're not feeling your best. Master your mindset, optimize your life with...
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Go Take Care of Yourself

Season #14 Episode #269

What's the one small thing you know you should be doing that you continue ignore? Whether it's going to bed earlier, watching less TV, or getting a daily walk in, it's time to make a change. Listen to today's...
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2 Ways to Cut Through Overwhelm

Season #14 Episode #268

Yesterday, Lindsey taught you a simple way to move forward when you're feeling overwhelmed. Today, Lindsey is saying on topic with a mindset hack that will help you unravel your thoughts, prioritize tasks, and...
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