Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Mindset Coach Academy Podcast

Hosted by: Lindsey Wilson

Welcome to The Mindset Coach Academy Podcast, I’m Lindsey Wilson, former pro athlete, high-performance mindset coach, and entrepreneur and here we’ll dive into everything mindset. I have lived all these mindset tools-...


Get Uncomfortable Today

Season #12 Episode #240

Your brain tries to keep you safe. And sometimes that means convincing you that today is NOT the day to be brave, bold, or even uncomfortable. So what can you do about it? Listen to the episode, then make sure to...
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The Counterintuitive Boredom Strategy

Season #12 Episode #239

Today, Lindsey is discussing a controversial topic for high performers: The value of being bored. Don't jump to conclusions just yet! Today's episode is anything BUT boring. Master your mindset, optimize your life...
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Take The Shortcuts!

Season #12 Episode #238

If your alarm bells go off every time you hire someone to help you or find an easier way to get where you want to go, this episode is for you! Today, Lindsey insists that 'shortcut' is NOT a dirty word. She ends the...
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Mindset Hack - Relationships

Season #12 Episode #237

At any given time, many of us have a relationship with someone that feels a little off. This might be an overtly toxic relationship; but most likely, there's some level of awkwardness, or something left unsaid....
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Mindset Hack - Order out of Chaos

Season #12 Episode #236

Next time you're feeling out of sorts or overwhelmed, try this simple mindset hack! Today, Lindsey is teaching you an actionable way to remind yourself that you are capable of creating order out of chaos. For more...
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I'll Be Happy When...

Season #12 Episode #234

Lindsey unpacks the dichotomy of knowing you're happy NOW and believing you'll be happier SOMEDAY. When is this mindset motivational, and when does it rob you of joy? This episode is a challenge to check in and find...
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Permission to Let Go

Season #12 Episode #233

All month, Lindsey has been talking about tapping into your inner power. Today, she is exploring the idea of letting go of what is no longer serving you. If you tend to over analyze, second guess yourself, or beat...
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Your F*** Ups are Gold

Season #12 Episode #232

TW: Cursing Huddle up and get ready for a no bulls*** pep talk! Lindsey leads you in a thought exercise to prove that your past failures actually QUALIFY you to enact change in others. For more on this topic,...
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You Are The Sum Total

Season #12 Episode #231

Oftentimes, we define ourselves by our failures. But today, Lindsey offers a better suggestion. Learn how to create your own personal highlight reel to remind yourself of your power whenever you're feeling...
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Where Can You Slow Down?

Season #12 Episode #230

Being rushed and overwhelmed is unsustainable and downright unhealthy. Sometimes, being productive in one area means slowing down in others, and that's what this episode is all about. If you need permission to...
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Revealing vs. Fixing

Season #12 Episode #229

You have everything you need. In this episode, Lindsey challenges you to think critically about the language you use when you talk about getting help; in business, sports, relationships, and life. Master your...
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Pomodoro Time Blocking

Season #12 Episode #228

Lindsey introduces you to one of her favorite techniques for time management and productivity and explains how it helped her write the first draft of her upcoming book! Master your mindset, optimize your life with...
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